torsdag den 12. marts 2015

UPDATED: Farewell

I have decided to close my blog. I’ve blogged for over seven years, and it started as my creative outlet, because I love writing. But I think it has become too much a routine, and feels more like a duty. I have been thinking about it for long, but maybe I start up again some day in a another format. So you can keep (or add) me on Bloglovin, so you get an update if/when I blog again.

If you miss me you can find me at:

Instagram – where I upload photos of my daily life, nails, dresses, my car, and much more. I've created some unique tags you can search for if you would like to see my:
Vintage Opel GT: #sannesgt, dresses: sanneskjoler, shoes: #sannessko, nails: #sannesnegle, son: #sannesson, music: #sannesvinyl
Pinterest – where I pin everything that inspires me and also will upload photos of my own nails
Etsy – where I will maintain my shop with vintage jewellery and handmade things – my good old website that needs an update, and I have lots of ideas

So a warm farewell and thanks to all my readers, perhaps we’ll meet again.

PS: Feel free to read backwards. You might use the subject tags on the right.

torsdag den 5. marts 2015

Winter Nails

Here are what I've had on my nails since Christmas. A few winter themes, but not only snowflakes this year.

I simply had to try my custom stamping plate from FigTreeJewellery:
Sannes nails 2015
The stamps of son aged 18 and 3 are really great. He laughed out loudly when he saw them. The polish is OPI's Skislope Sweetie.

I've bought new plates with snowflakes, which I truly love. Here I have stamped with a cheap blue stamping polish upon a light blue polish without name from Essence:
Sannes nails 2015
I think it looks so lovely with many different snowflakes.

Here my custom plade is in use again. I've made a hero-theme with Modesty Blaise, my childhood heroine, and Indiana Jones, my all time hero:
Sannes nails 2015
I have reversed my hands, so my right had is mostly blue with Indy. The pink holo polish is Britta from MakeupStore and the blue is Siw, from the same brand.

Here I've tried the puzzle from MoYou, which I have wanted for long:
Sannes nails 2015
The silver polish is Gosh Holographic Hero, the most beautiful holographic polish ever. And I have laboriously painted some of the puzzle pieces red, green and blue with one of son's tiny Warhammer brushes. Quite a job, and not easy using my left hand, but I think it is OK.

Since it was long ago I've used tape, I thought I had to make a tape mani for a change. And then I could finally use some of my Nail Vinyls (the lightning on my ring finger):
Sannes nails 2015
The dark green polish is BeYu 449 and the purple glitter is OPI DS Temptation. Son called them Hulk-nails. I hadn't given it a thought that it is his colours.

I am not into Valentine's Day, which we don't celebrate in Denmark, but I did make some romantic nails:
Sannes nails 2015
I have stamped the hearts with MoYou and the kiss is from a Konad plate. The pink polish is Misa Fleeting Hibiscus and the red one is an old OPI mini without name.

I found the snowmen years ago on Pinterest, and this winter I finally remembered to try them:
Sannes nails 2015
They are made with a dotting tool, very easy. The carrot nose is just dragged a little, and it is OK it is not straight, because no carrots are. The white polish is Bleech Babe (my favourite white) from Sally Hansen.

Since I really like grey polishes, I thought OPI's Fifty Shades mini collection was a good buy:
Sannes nails 2015

And I had to try on all six colours at the same time:
Sannes nails 2015
We start with the thumb which is Dark side of the Mood, then it is Embrace the Grey, Cement the Deal, Romantically Involved, and My Silk Tie. All two layers, but could have used three. The glitter polish, Shine for Me, is used as French tips.

mandag den 2. marts 2015

torsdag den 26. februar 2015

Gosling vs Renner

I am sure you all know the Ryan Goslings Hey Girl memes, which have flooded the internet for long. Here are some examples:

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling

Gosling's memes are sweet and cute, where Jeremy Renner's are sexy and dirty:
Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Renner

This is of course my favourite in my Gosling versus Renner theme:
Jeremy Renner

I know who I choose - I really don't need more nail polishes! ;)

If you have a naughty humour and think Renner is a hottie, then there is much more like this here: This is Jeremy Fucking Renner Talking. But don't be offended by the F-word.

I am sure they are both sitting laughing out loud thinking "relax chicks".

mandag den 23. februar 2015

torsdag den 19. februar 2015

Super Heroes

I have always loved action movies and super heroes. I think I am in good contact with my male side at this point. ;)  As a child we lived near a printing works, where they had a container full of cartoons for destruction. My brother and I often bicycled to it, climbed over the hence, and filled as many cartoons as we could in our rucksacks before we got caught and had to flee. So I've read them all, from the Hulk to the Phantom. I know all their special talents, weaknesses and real names. I think I scored a good deal of points for this when son was little.

The latest super hero I am crazy about is The Green Arrow, very exciting action:
Green Arrow
Stephen Amell plays the leading part - and it is only an extra plus that he looks so appetizing.

The Green Arrow is a DC series, but in fact I am more into Marvel. I love the Avenger guys (sorry Black Widow):

Iron Man has long been my favourite:
Tony Start as Iron Man
Tony Stark (Robert Downey Junior) is also a well-hung piece of man-meat, super intelligent and lovely arrogant. He is also son's absolute favourite, so we have often seen the movies together.

As I child I loved seeing the old Hulk TV series with my brother. We sat there waiting for him to become big and green:
Original Hulk
It was quite scary, but also very cool.

And since it was long before the animation technic was invented, the leading part was played by huge Lou Ferrigno:
lou_ferrigno as hulk

But now my favourite is Hawkeye, played by Jeremy Renner:
Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye
Uhm ... yummi.

Look at that masculine smile:
Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye
I melt ...

Let's take a moment to thank the Avengers costume department for this:
Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye

So I am looking very much forward to seeing the new Avengers movie, Mission Impossible 5 and Bourne 5. It is going to be a good Renner year. Sigh!

mandag den 16. februar 2015

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