torsdag den 16. april 2009

Finally Spring!

The roses are cut, the green house is scrubbed so it is almost invisible and Tiny Honk is washed and ready for the season:

Ahh, I just love Spring! :)

søndag den 5. april 2009

Job and Happy Easter

I hope you all get lots of eggs, sunshine and have a cosy time with friends and family. :)

I will! We go to my tiny Summer Cottage at the Isle of Moen (small southern Danish Island). Friday, we have invited my sister and family for barbecue dinner. Saturday, my mother in law has invited us for dinner. And Monday, my mum makes Easter breakfast for all of us. It is a lovely old tradition, we give each other eggs and there is chocolate eggs all over the table. Almost as great as Christmas.

I started my new job this Wednesday, and there is a very friendly tone all over the house. Everybody is very nice to me and I've got an introduction plan. There is lots of goodies, like we can borrow movies, we get free tickets to cinemas and other events, we get birthday gifts - I've never tried that before. I've already placed some orders and answered some customer calls. I know I'm impatient, but I want to get started and help as soon as possible. I'm very tired when I come home, there are SO many new things to learn and I have to be hyper-charming all day, so not much energy to blog, I'm sorry!

Happy Easter to all of you! :)

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