torsdag den 27. februar 2014

Winter Nails

During Winter I want to have snowflakes and white glitter reminding me of frost, on my nails.

Here it is Sally Hansen's Bleech Babe (lovely white with a little shimmer, and it is almost a one-coater, thanks for the tip Hanne) with OPI's I Snow You Love Me (large holo glitter, but with way too few of them in the bottle. Next time I will use a wooden stick to take them off the brush, because it was seriously annoying):
Yep, my nails look a bit worn, but I thought I would show you how my nails looks when my mani is a week old. Not bad at all. ;) I do my nails every Sunday evening and then they look nice until next Sunday. But I don't scrub floors or do the dishes during the week. :)

This is a white shimmer polish from Gosh with a frost-like Indie glitter polish over and stamped snowflakes at my ring finger nail:

When I hosted our Nail Night with Hanne I got a funny gift:
But what is it? It is a fun technic, which I have never tried myself, but I think I will soon. Hanne had prepared the most charming snowmen on a CD in a plastic bag. I don't know if we forgot them since we didn't use them, because they are super nice, so I wanted to design a snowman mani:
It is Essie Aruba Blue with the snowmen, stamped snowflakes and a little holo glitter at the tips. I almost hadn't the remove them a week after. Thank you, Hanne. :)

mandag den 24. februar 2014

torsdag den 20. februar 2014

Indie Perfumes

You can buy hand made nail polishes, lip balms, soaps, and creams on Etsy, but you can also buy hand made perfumes. I have tried some of them, both because I like something special but also because I like to support small individual shops.

From TotalEnchantment I bought nine solid perfumes, and am very much in love with these:
  • Bite Me
  • Lady in Pink
  • Sweet Milk
  • Satsuma (orange)

Right now she doesn't sell solid perfumes (in tubes like lip balms), but one of the good things about Etsy is that you can ask the seller. If you are in love with several perfumes from the same shop, do ask for discount. I've done so every time, then the kind seller makes a "reserved listing", but often you also get a gift.

DollfacePerfumes also sells solid perfumes in lip balm tubes and makes such lovely labels, here I bought:
  • Autumn Spiced Apple - really nice (mild apple/cinnamon, lovely Autumn scent)
  • Mommy's Garden Lilac - really nice (Lilacs are my favourite flower)
  • Flower Child - too heavy for my taste
  • October - pumpkin/cinnamon - too heavy cinnamon for my taste
  • Fleur de Soie - a gift, which I truly love, mixed flowers

From TotalEnchantment I bought a Marshmallow perfume, but it wasn't like I wanted it to be, so I kept on searching and found one at SomethingSpecial, a roll-on perfume, super cozy scent:

At the end of November I went Christmas crazy and had to own a gingerbread perfume:
It is also a roll-on perfume, found at DoctorSweetTooth.

I found this lovely little metal box at BlackBaccara, with tiny test tubes of her perfumes, which sounded really exciting:
But alas, I didn't like any of them. They were strange, heavy and nauseous, so I had to realize that they weren't my taste. But the lovely box decorates in my perfume bottle collection.

mandag den 17. februar 2014

torsdag den 13. februar 2014


For the very first time in my life I have bought an ad at my favourite vintage blog - Chronically Vintage:
Chronically Vintage

Look how nice it looks - below left in the screen dump. And Jessica has written the nicest spotlight article about my humble litte Etsy shop. She has also made a shout-out on Facebook, on Twitter and on Pinterest. So I really think I've got value for money.

And I have just added a lot of new items in my shop, a.o. a lot of vintage records, so perhaps you should take a look.:)

mandag den 10. februar 2014

torsdag den 6. februar 2014

New Retro Clothes

I don't buy much new clothes, and it is not a complaint, just a fact. I think it is due to my style. I rarely find something I like, but on the reverse I can brag that I never make any mistakes, because I know what I like. Since I know my style so well, also means I love my clothes for years, and only discard it when I get tired of it. In fact, I have not bougth any new clothes for two years, except what DH gave me in January last year.

But a few weeks ago I visited Rude in Copenhagen. Several colleagues had recommended me the shop, since they could see it was my style. The shop sells reproduced fifties clothing, which I love. And I was lucky they had a sale going, so I took a huge pile of clothes with me in the changing room, but something was wrong. The dresses were too tight around my breast and too loose at the waist, so I had to go almost empty handed away - except form this lovely lambswool cardigan, which DH found for me:

Grey is my basic colour and I love the rhinestones in many different colours:
They add colour in a good way, but do not glitter more than I can wear it at my job. And it is soft and warm to wear.

Well, having finally made it all the way to Copenhagen, I suggested we went for a walk, although it was bitterly cold and snowy. We passed by Rockahula, which I had checked out on the internet. Here I found much more, and this grey skirts fits me perfectly:
It is from Collectif and have a hint of purple, so it looks really great with one of my dark purple cardigans, which I haven't used for some time.

And I had a red pencil skirt on my wish list, so I was happy to find this, and it was only 45 dollars:

It is from Voodoo Vixen, and look at the pleats at the back, sooo nice:
The grey cardigan at the top is a lovely match.

Ooh, it is dangerous to let me loose in a shop like this, since everything is my style. :) This fabulous dress reminds me very much of Joan Harris from Mad Men:
It is from Daisy Dapper, and just the fact that I looked slim, was an excuse to buy it. The nice lady in the shop spontaniously said that it looked very good on me. And no, I will not pose in it, since I am both old and very unphotogenical.

I have saved the best for last - a real vintage beauty from the fifties, which I simply had to buy:
It is from Trunk of Dresses, which is my favourite dress shop on Etsy.

The shop sells vintage dresses, but they rarely fit my ordinary size medium. Normally, they are size small or extra-small, ough. So I didn't believe my own eyes seeing the measurements were perfect on this beauty. Look at the details at the neck:

And the fabric is twisted at the waist and the pockets are fantastic:
I cannot wait for it to arrive in the mail. Even son said it was lovely.

And again this year DH surprised me by saying he wanted to give me my new clothes. He's really an OK husband! ;)

mandag den 3. februar 2014

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