torsdag den 20. februar 2014

Indie Perfumes

You can buy hand made nail polishes, lip balms, soaps, and creams on Etsy, but you can also buy hand made perfumes. I have tried some of them, both because I like something special but also because I like to support small individual shops.

From TotalEnchantment I bought nine solid perfumes, and am very much in love with these:
  • Bite Me
  • Lady in Pink
  • Sweet Milk
  • Satsuma (orange)

Right now she doesn't sell solid perfumes (in tubes like lip balms), but one of the good things about Etsy is that you can ask the seller. If you are in love with several perfumes from the same shop, do ask for discount. I've done so every time, then the kind seller makes a "reserved listing", but often you also get a gift.

DollfacePerfumes also sells solid perfumes in lip balm tubes and makes such lovely labels, here I bought:
  • Autumn Spiced Apple - really nice (mild apple/cinnamon, lovely Autumn scent)
  • Mommy's Garden Lilac - really nice (Lilacs are my favourite flower)
  • Flower Child - too heavy for my taste
  • October - pumpkin/cinnamon - too heavy cinnamon for my taste
  • Fleur de Soie - a gift, which I truly love, mixed flowers

From TotalEnchantment I bought a Marshmallow perfume, but it wasn't like I wanted it to be, so I kept on searching and found one at SomethingSpecial, a roll-on perfume, super cozy scent:

At the end of November I went Christmas crazy and had to own a gingerbread perfume:
It is also a roll-on perfume, found at DoctorSweetTooth.

I found this lovely little metal box at BlackBaccara, with tiny test tubes of her perfumes, which sounded really exciting:
But alas, I didn't like any of them. They were strange, heavy and nauseous, so I had to realize that they weren't my taste. But the lovely box decorates in my perfume bottle collection.

2 kommentarer:

  1. These all sounds so wonderfully lovely! I do tend to be a "signature scent" kind of gal, but sometimes it's fun to mix things up and I really like reaching for unique or handmade scents like these when I do (gingerbread sounds so yummy - literally! :)).

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I loved the gingerbread prefume during December, it really put me in a cosy Christmas mood. :)


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