mandag den 30. maj 2011

torsdag den 26. maj 2011

Colourful Error

I’ve lied to you! When you guessed that I’ve bought nail polish for my bonus. I fell completely in love with Color Club's Summer collection:
I follow several nail blogs, and have through them learned to be more (even more) brave. You might use colours that don’t match your clothes, and neither your lipstick. You might use blue, green, brown, grey, and purple colours – just because you like them. I have for many years used nice, discrete pink tones, but it is all over now. You can see them on here.

Well, when I tried them on my own nails, I didn’t like them as much. Perhaps I’m just a little, very very little, too old to try neon colours again. I’ve been there – in the colourful eighties. So I put them up for sale, and they was sold immediately.

Apropos pastels, I accidentially (ahem) bought these two Essie polishes:
They are SUPER nice and match each other so well that I’ve already planned several looks with them together (perhaps I’ll remember to take photos). I found them discounted to only 7 dollars at Normally, Essie cost about 20 dollars in Denmark.

mandag den 23. maj 2011

torsdag den 19. maj 2011

Bonus Spending

I’ve got a bonus! It is always nice money, which I’m not calculating with. It is also MY money, which means I can shop what I want for them – and I DO! Normally, I buy something extravagant which has been on my wish list for long. What I’ve bought? What do think? Shoes, purses, red lipsticks, perfume, nail polish, gadgets??? Nope! I’ve ordered … tadaaa … Dita von Teese’s Dita von Teeses autograph!

Yep, that’s what I’ve done. I adore old fashioned pinups and am a great admirer of Miss Teese. Who she is? She is a world famous burlesque dancer and style icon. She lives and dresses forties and fifties style and she looks fabulous.
I’ve bought this photo of her, and I’ve bought it signed especially for myself and sealed with a kiss! I wanted to go to the max. :)
I will frame it and decorate my bedroom with it.

Some years ago I bought her book which is very good:
I highly recommend it. It has two sides, when you flip it around it has a more ”black” fetish side.

She is, as mentioned, a world famous burlesque dancer and has the most incredible accessories for her shows, which she designs herself, a.o.:
Her world famous Martin glass.

A huge compact.

A rhinestone covered hobbyhorse.

A dittohuge birdcage.

And a gold glittering bath tub.

Even when she’s casual she looks wonderful:

And she owns a vintage car, which gives extra credit from me! :)

mandag den 16. maj 2011

Blogger Bug

For some strange reason blogger didn't publish this planned blogpost. Just so that you don't miss it, I think it is quite funny. :)

Monroe Mondays

torsdag den 12. maj 2011

Four Fantastic Gadgets

You cannot live without! I've already started saving.

If I had an iPad I would immediately buy this:It is a wonderful mix of latest technology and vintage nostalgia.

And I want the new Commodore 64 SOOO much: Then I could sit and play old games and be super nerdy. That design never goes out of style.

At the other more girly end I really, really want these for my Winter car: I'm not sure DH agrees with me, but they would without any doubt make my ordinary Polo look much more fun.

No women over 40 can live without such one:Personally, I HATE cleavage wrinkles, OMG!

mandag den 9. maj 2011

torsdag den 5. maj 2011

How Life Should Be

Last Sunday, we and our BIL opened Café Malerklemmen on DH’s motorcycle. The weather was beautiful, but cold – I regret that I didn’t put on my Winter mc-trousers. Fortunately, we came early, so we got our lunch quick. I brought my little camera and took some photos of the two-wheeled:
Some had brought their identical twin:
Som had brought their ”girl”:
Others had brought ”the black bitch”:
Some had a very thorough army-look:
And some had a pair of tough knight-like gloves:
I love paintbrush art:
The blaze here had some minimal but funny mirrors:
There were some insignia, a.o. No Name, Riverside and the Wild Hogs, as seen here:
As a contrast to the insignias I want to show you the owners' collection of vintage coffeepots:
Driving to the café I thought that this is how life should be on a day off: driving a tour through our lovely Danish landscape, DH once in while reaches back to pat my thigh (you cannot talk on an mc, you point and pat), eat a nice lunch, look at some mc’s, have a talk with the other mc-enthusiasts, drive home again and enjoy a homemade latte at Café Stone Corner.

mandag den 2. maj 2011

Monroe Mondays

Marilyn without and with makeup. If fine feathers make fine birds, makeup certainly make stars.

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