torsdag den 26. maj 2011

Colourful Error

I’ve lied to you! When you guessed that I’ve bought nail polish for my bonus. I fell completely in love with Color Club's Summer collection:
I follow several nail blogs, and have through them learned to be more (even more) brave. You might use colours that don’t match your clothes, and neither your lipstick. You might use blue, green, brown, grey, and purple colours – just because you like them. I have for many years used nice, discrete pink tones, but it is all over now. You can see them on here.

Well, when I tried them on my own nails, I didn’t like them as much. Perhaps I’m just a little, very very little, too old to try neon colours again. I’ve been there – in the colourful eighties. So I put them up for sale, and they was sold immediately.

Apropos pastels, I accidentially (ahem) bought these two Essie polishes:
They are SUPER nice and match each other so well that I’ve already planned several looks with them together (perhaps I’ll remember to take photos). I found them discounted to only 7 dollars at Normally, Essie cost about 20 dollars in Denmark.

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