torsdag den 29. maj 2014

From Pink to Yellow

I have never owned a smartphone! Yep, it is really true. That is, before now. I fell completely in love with Nokia's Lumia 1020, so now my 8½ year old Nokia 6131 with crank is finally retired:

We had a demo at work and I fell completely in love with it. It can do everything an iPhone can do, just much better and even more. And my fingers works on the touch screen! They don't on neither iPhone nor my iPad, where I have a stylus (or an iSausage as son has named it). Lumia 1020 has a brilliant camera that is not just a hole in a phone. It has a Zeiss lens and a Xenon flash, and you can choose to shoot photos automatically or you can adjust everything manually:

I immedialy started planning what I could sell to afford such an expensive bandit, when DH said that he would give it to me! He is really an OK husband! ;)

So now I am on Instagram! My user name is samati17, if you would like to follow me. You will see photos of me wearing my vintage style dresses and other fun stuff from my daily life.


CU!? :)

mandag den 26. maj 2014

torsdag den 22. maj 2014

Nail Shopping

I have shopped nail things lately. I don't do that much anymore, perhaps because I cannot even convince myself that I need anything.

I found nine (!) mini polishes at ModLaquer, who has some really lovely and different colours:
These four were used as an Easter mani.

And these are a lovely mix of spring and autumn colours:
I really look forward to using the two at the right when autumn starts.

When I buy new polishes others have go, these six were sorted out of my collection:
They either looked too much like something I already had (I don't have space for doubles) or I had realized I would never use them. Number four and five were just disappointing. I love duo chrome polishes, but in some of them the effect is hardly there, then they have to go. I donated them to a home for women, I hope they will love them.

And I have invested in nail stickers from Nail Vinyls:
I look forward to trying them. I have bought a selection of different shapes.

I really thought I didn't need more stamping plates - until I saw Bundle Monster's Holiday Collection:
But, it is plates SOLELY with holiday motifs, which I love! ;)

mandag den 19. maj 2014

torsdag den 15. maj 2014

ALT for Damerne, 1955, No. 20

I'm a little behind scanning vintage ALT for Damerne (Everything for the Ladies, text only in Danish, unfortunately, but I write small recaps for each photo and hope the scans will inspire you) for you, because I was so excited over our trip to Paris that I had to share it with you first. I scan and publish Everything for the Ladies every second month, this year in the uneven months, but this magazine from the middle of May 1955 is really full of goodies, so I have scanned a lot for you today. :) Remember that everything can be clicked into larger and readable size.

Beautiful cover - I love her makeup:
ALT for Damerne, nr. 20, 1955

Summer is just around the corner, so no balcony without flowers:
ALT for Damerne, nr. 20, 1955

Bettina wonders was a weekly column. Here she wonders why we always have to be so busy:
ALT for Damerne, nr. 20, 1955
I cannot agree more - we should all find time to relax now and then, and do what we want to.

In the binocular was also a weekly page:
ALT for Damerne, nr. 20, 1955
Here you'll find great ideas, tips, and advice about this and that. Here is a trick to prolong the little girl's reins in a very smart way. There are tips for sewing an easy cover for the mattress, and a story about a tea pot that was rescue from the bin, because it had a broken handle. I don't think anybody would do this today, but it is a fine idea.

Entrust Yourself to Mrs Nini was also a weekly page:
ALT for Damerne, nr. 20, 1955
This week you can read about a mother who worries about the way her teenage daughter dresses, so back then mothers also found their teenage daughters irritating, and there is a letter from a single lady asking everybody to leave the single ladies alone, I think this is still true.

Let's take a look at fashion, where patterns are the latest:
ALT for Damerne, nr. 20, 1955

And there is a lovely set from Pattern on Fabric (a set you could sew):
ALT for Damerne, nr. 20, 1955

3 good suggestions - I think we can all use good suggestions:
ALT for Damerne, nr. 20, 1955
Lovely jackets and sets.

Needlework of the week is this super practical sewing apron, which I am going to make myself one of:
ALT for Damerne, nr. 20, 1955
Then you have everything at hand.

If you don't like the bigger project then this tray cloth that says summer might be something for you:
ALT for Damerne, nr. 20, 1955
Nice and easy little project.

What a fantastic puzzle sofa this is:
ALT for Damerne, nr. 20, 1955
Such a brilliant idea, I wish a furniture company would make it again.

Dinner is served was also a weekly page:
ALT for Damerne, nr. 20, 1955
In 1955 money was tight and several goods were still rationed, so the housewife had to serve the dinner in a festive and funny way, and this serving does look very festive ideed.

The titbit of the week is chicken in courtesan:
ALT for Damerne, nr. 20, 1955

If the main dish is too small, you can make cheese pancakes as extra:
ALT for Damerne, nr. 20, 1955
Short Film was also a weekly column, that showed different subjects from cooking to sewing techniques.

And here is a lovely short story that really catches the feeling of the time, unfortunately in Danish, I know. It is about a young couple with a tight budget, she wants to go on a summer holiday, because they didn't do last year where they got new carpets. But he wants a car, and not just a small, used one, but a brand new smart one. So the question is if their marriage can survive his increasing penny-pinching:
ALT for Damerne, nr. 20, 1955

Lovely illustration:
ALT for Damerne, nr. 20, 1955

The end of the short story:
ALT for Damerne, nr. 20, 1955ALT for Damerne, nr. 20, 1955

And now on to the ads, where I start with some really elegant ones - Opal, my stocking:
ALT for Damerne, nr. 20, 1955

Amorette, the choice of the mannequins (with names of mannequins at the top):
ALT for Damerne, nr. 20, 1955

You could also choose a skirt from Edelweiss, which is feminine and light as a spider's web:
ALT for Damerne, nr. 20, 1955
The joy of giving - back then you also went to the jeweller when giving gifts.

Have you all found this summer's bathing suit? If not, I recommend one from Jantzen:
ALT for Damerne, nr. 20, 1955
If you get a figure like that, I'll take several.

Angel Face - America's most sold makeup now in i Denmark:
ALT for Damerne, nr. 20, 1955
Back then everything from the US and especially Hollywood sold, most of it was just Danish.

Indoor cosyness with bisquits from Marie Kiks:
ALT for Damerne, nr. 20, 1955

You could also choose this trio and intensify the cosyness:
ALT for Damerne, nr. 20, 1955
They are all outstanding but together they intensify the cosyness.

If you don't want to work hard making soup from scratch, try Blue Ribbon:
ALT for Damerne, nr. 20, 1955

I end with two differnt ads, which I haven't seen before. The first is for the ideal pram:
ALT for Damerne, nr. 20, 1955

The other is for the much-coveted rattan cane furniture from Laurids Lønborg:
ALT for Damerne, nr. 20, 1955

I wish you all a lovely spring. :)

mandag den 12. maj 2014

torsdag den 8. maj 2014

Paris, Part 3: Nice and Mixed

Here I have collected funny photos, because I always see details which I suppose most people would not take photos of.

Here the mouse shows a vertical garden in the metro:
A great idea if you only have a balcony.

And a false bridal couple at the stairs up to Sacre Coeur:
They looked so sweet and lovestruck, but when they walked away she lifted her dress and you could see she was wearing blue jeans and black flats underneath. Well, the world wishes to be fooled.

One of the old metro signs, which unfortunately didn't function any more:

Our shadows in front of the Eiffel tower:
I'm at the right side.

We enjoyed a cup of coffee with a view to the Eiffel tower:

A UFO!!!
It was an exhibition of very modern and futuristic furniture at the very expensive antique flea market.

And we saw scooters with three wheels:
I have never seen them before, but since they were everywhere, I suppose they are great.

A very typical French magazine kiosk:

In Paris lovers lock padlocks to the bridges and throw the key into the water as a sign of eternal love:

There were LOTS of padlocks:

A house boat with an amphibian car:

Parma ham for the people:

And we attended a speed divine service, which we didn't understand:

Fabulous shadow writing in La Fayette:
I really want this at my home, but I think you have to bend a lot before making the text.

Decisions, decisions:

DH and the best friend, who could not help himself:

We were in the country of cheese, but didn't get any cheese at all for breakfast, so we bought a small selection ourselves. Here it hangs in the shadow outside our window:

Minion Easter eggs:

Do they also have Rent a Wreck in France:

In France they let out water at the highest place which then runs down the streets and cleans the gutters:

A very nice tea pot cake.

And a mystical man who walks through the wall:
On our way up to Sacre Coeur.

Well, that's all folks. :)

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