mandag den 28. april 2014

torsdag den 24. april 2014

Paris, Part 1: The Tour

Are you ready to take a trip with me to Paris? I hope so, because I have a Paris theme the coming three Thursdays. Let's start with the tour. We visited Paris during Easter and we were speed-tourists, guided by our best friend and we did really see all the things you have to see in Paris. We stayed at the smallest hotel room ever:
I am literally hanging out of the window to take this photo, but it was nice and clean and everything functioned.

The view from our window, nothing to complain over here:

We lived this close to Notre Dame:
Paris, Notre Dame

Le Train Bleu, the famous and very beautiful restaurant:
Paris, Le Train Bleu

A quick view inside, fabulous ceilings:
Paris, Le Train Bleu

Sacre Coeur in sunshine:
Paris, Sacre Coeur

DH and I in front of one of the vintage stairs to the metro:
Paris, Vintage Metro

Moulin Rouge:
Paris, Moulin Rouge

And the photo of  the Eiffel tower from my Dreambox, which I wanted to take myself:
Paris, Eiffel Tower
I have taken incredibly many photos of the Eiffel tower and am still sorting them.

And this one is taken without a tripod in the night:
Paris, Eiffel Tower
I am SO in love with the Eiffel tower.

Arch the Triomphe:
Paris, Arc de Triomphe

We visited the Swarovski shop at Champs Elysee:
Paris, Swarovski
Here I am sitting on the beautiful crystal stairs.

Notre Dame:
Paris, Notre Dame
We didn't go up the tower, since there literally was a queue about 500 metres long.

And Saint Sulpice:
Paris, Saint Sulpice

Where the Da Vinci Mystery movie was filmed:
Paris, Saint Sulpice

The Rose Line, which of course is pure fiction:
Paris, Saint Sulpice

We went on top of Mont Parnasse, to enjoy the view of the city:
Paris, Eiffel View
Here we are with the Eiffel tower in the background: the best friend, his sweet girlfriend, aka the mouse, myself and DH.

We also enjoyed La Fayette, which is an unbelieable beautiful but also very expensive shopping mall:
Paris, La Fayette

I was in love with the crazy bottled message shoe:
Paris, La Fayette

I was in nail polish heaven:
Paris, Sephora
We visited a huge Sephora at Champs Elysee, and I know you won't believe me when I say I didn't buy anything.

I was in book heaven:
Paris, Shakespeare & Company
Shakespeare & Company, where I could have stayed for several weeks. Here I bought two small books and lovely bag.

I was in food heaven:
The whole pot is mine, all alone.

And I was in creme brülee heaven:
Paris, Creme Brülee
Ooh, lovely dessert nausea. ;)

Next week I will show you what I brought with me home. This holiday I did shop a little, although everything was VERY expensive.

mandag den 21. april 2014

torsdag den 17. april 2014

... Easter Break ...

Guess where I'm going this Easter? :)

Wishing you all a happy Easter!

mandag den 14. april 2014

torsdag den 10. april 2014

Spring Nails

Well, the first is a snow mani, which I forgot to post earlier:
OPI Skislope Sweetie
It is made with OPI Skislope Sweetie with OPI I Snow You Love Me, which I laboriously have placed in rows on each nail, except my ring finger which have got a layer of long holo glitter from Etsy.

This lovely duo chrome polish is from our tour to Germany. I just love duo chrome polishes:
It is from BeYu and has number 484. I have added dots with OPI's Tomorrow Never Dies, my favourite purple polish.

I call this mani "marshmallows":
The white polish is Sally Hansen's Beach Babe, my favourite white, and the pink texture polish is P2's Adorable. I've added a single rhinestone on each nail. I really loved this mani all week.

And here is my favourite spring green: Essies Navigate Her, on which I have dapped a glitter gradient with Sinful Colors Call You Later:
Nice and easy.

And here is one of the other polishes bought in Germany:
Astor's number 257 (it is simply so boring when polishes are just numbered) with a rhinestone eranthis, which my top coat unfortunately has etched a bit. I really wish I could find a top coat that did not ruin my rhinestones.

This is my latest buy from ModLacquer, Etsy:
It was a little set of four minis and I simply could hear it cry Easter Nails. I bought several polishes from her, because she really had a great selection, which I will show you later.

mandag den 7. april 2014

torsdag den 3. april 2014


Dreambox, what is that? It has nothing to do with TV programmes for sure.

Dreambox is a box in which you put tiny things representing your dreams:
The nice box has contained Mozart chocolate, which our neighbour brought home from his holiday in Austria as a thank you gift for looking after his house. It was a perfect dreambox - and free.

What have I put in my Dreambox, you ask:

Let's have a look:
  • A watch - because I have for very long dreamed about working part time, to have a day off where I can relax and be more creative. I don't think I ever have time for that in my daily life. And I am working part time now! :) From the 1 March I have every Wednesday off. It also means that my wage have been reduced about 20%, but it is so much worth it.
What am I going to do in my extra time?
  • I will knit, therefore I have knitted a mini knitting.
  • I will draw, so there is a little pencil.
  • I will paint, so there is a little box of crayons in the middle.
  • I will sew, so a little reel of pink thread with a threaded needed is found at the right.
  • I will read, not necessarily the bible, but it was cute and tiny.
  • I will listen to much more vintage records, therefore there is a little key ring record.
  • I will paint my nails, perhaps with the blue mini polish from OPI.
  • And I will have a pleasant time, represented by the tiny candle.
And the last wish is to visit Paris, therefore there is a photo of the Eiffel tower. I have wanted to for many years. And do you know what - I am going there in the coming Easter with DH and our best friends. :)

When I had finished the box, which was a really nice little project, and showed it to DH, he asked me where he was? But honey, you are all over - you are the small glittering hearts I have sprinkled over all the things. It silenced him. ;)

So I cannot complain not having my dreams fulfilled, but there is room for more in my Dreambox.

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