torsdag den 29. november 2012

Sunday Apples

The 30 September was Day of the Apple at Pometet. My little friend researches in apples and is right now fnishing her PhD, so it was the first year she did not have to work and could go with us. It was a lovely autumn day with bright sunshine:

We bought apple juice and apple cake:

And three different kinds of apple marmelade, very delish:

Here is my little professor friend and "her" tree - an Aroma apple tree:

And here is some of her posters:

We tasted a lot of windfall apples. Here I'm teasing the boys, having told them to taste a very sweet and delish apple - which of course was extremely bitter and sour. We girls laughed out loud:

And I bought a "pillar tree", also called a "ballerina tree". It is a funny broom stick tree without a crown that does not grow very high. I chose a Sun Cat which should taste much like Aroma. Here is my private pack mule aka DH:

It's a lovely day to spend a Sunday in autumn.

mandag den 26. november 2012

Monroe Monday

Congratulations to me! :)

torsdag den 22. november 2012

The PVA Trick

I have to share this trick with you. I have read about it on the internet a while ago and have now tried it myself - the PVA glue trick. I LOVE glitter polishes, but I HATE removing them because it is really a darn job. But here is a solution - you need some PVA glue (used for wood), which you pour into an empty nail polish bottle (we all have such one in stock, don't we!?), so that you can paint the glue onto your nails just like nail polish. The trick is to paint a thick layer onto the nail, because this will make it easier peeling it off again. The glue takes a little longer drying than a thick layer of normal polish, but when the glue has turned from white to clear it is ready to paint glitter polish on to. Here I have three layers and it is three days old: 

There is a chip in my thumb nail, as seen, but perhaps it had been there anyway. I wore it from Sunday to Sunday, so it wears OK and it was quite cosy to peel it off in large flakes. Use a wooden stick so you don't ruin your nails.

The green glitter polish is brand new, it is Piccadilly Arcade fra Nails Inc. The purple glitter polish is OPI's Divine Swine from the Muppet collection last Christmas.

I asked DH if he had some PVA glue in his garage and he did. He shaked his head laughing when he gave me the full botle and said that it is the strangest things I asked him to do.

I have seen that you now can buy "peel-off" basecoat for glitter polishes, but since it is just ordinary PVA glue, save the money and borrow some from your husband. ;)

mandag den 19. november 2012

torsdag den 15. november 2012

ALT for Damerne, November 1952

It's time for another look back in my vintage ALT for Damerne (All for the Ladies) magazines, this time from November 1952. All photos can be clicked into larger readable sizes.

This time I'm not very fond of the cover. Yes, she is pretty, the red suit is nice and the big green drawer is too, but she is way to skinny for my taste and her posture is quite affected.
I also have a dark brown mink muff which DH hates and I love and use at every occassion that calls for elegance. I feel very elegant with my hands inside it.

Let's start with a serious article about who will be America's new "hostess". Back then she was not called "first lady", but a hostess was a serious and respected person in the fifties.

A knitting pattern for an easy shoulderette:
Perhaps I should knit one, I think it is a great thing to have during winter.

And sewing too. Here are patterns for nice dresses in all sizes:
I would love to own the adult model with the chequered details, it is so nice!

And more about fashion, here is a little article about (long and flared):

Frequently, the magazines held competitions where you could win unattainable luxuries. Here you can win "the auto every woman wished for":

Do you recognize it? It is a Renault 4CV aka our little Nolte, whom I have told you about before.

And I have scanned vintage adds, you know I love them. They were so nice and elegant back then, I wish they would make them like this again. Here you can capture the special mood of Paris in a bottle:

And you could be the star in Pond's colour movie - learn the art of being beautiful:

Pan-cake makeup. I think it still exists today but I have never tried it. I think it is heavy and best for use in movies.

We go on to other things women need, because why put off the tramp when you have Cellox pads:

And here is absorbing material for other parts of the body and you can get in all colours and qualities - Butterfly dress shields:

But sometimes you'll see adds for different things, like these nice chairs:

I have previous shown you my ALT for Damerne, July 1952, if you want to revisit.

mandag den 12. november 2012

lørdag den 10. november 2012

Happy Saint Martins Eve

Wishing you all a happy Saint Martins Eve.

In an hour we will have guests for roasted duck. I love to gather the family for good old traditions
Vi får huset fuldt af gæster til skøn andesteg om lidt. Jeg elsker at samle familien til go'e gamle traditioner.

torsdag den 8. november 2012

THE LAST Drivein Theater Tour

Another post in my little "the last" series - this time is about our last trip to the drivein theater. We love going to the drivein, and in fact it is cheaper than going to normal cinemas, especially when you make tea at home and buy candy at the super market. Here DH is washing the front window so we are ready for the movie:

When visiting the drivein we always go for a walk and admire the vintage and special cars:

There are always lots of Mustangs, here with the Southfork restaurant in the background.

Can you spot Tiny Honk at the front row?

Ooh dear, half a years pause.

mandag den 5. november 2012

torsdag den 1. november 2012


You are going to the movies, because you should see the new James Bond movie "Skyfall" - it's really good! I were lucky to see it on a pre-release last Wednesday. It is more like a classic Bond movie again, just like I love it. There is still lots of action, but it is not so action-packed and raw like the previous two movies. It's no secret that I think Daniel Craig is no good as Bond, but in Skyfall I kind of like him, although I still think a blonde Bond is wrong. The movie gives you a feeling that it could have been Sean Connery playing the role, Bond has become elegant again. The bad guy is blonde as usual, hyper-intelligent, completely insane, louche, and as something really new - bi-sexual. There are not as many babes as there used to be, but the two appearing are beautiful. It is like they're not that important anymore.

And then there's the car! Bond gets his beautiful, vintage Aston Martin DB5 out of the garage to drive M to safety. And then I, like the Bond nerd I am, notes the number plate and wonder if it is the same as in earlier movies. I went home and checked the internet and it is, except from GoldenEye, where it suddenly was number BMT 214 A (a director must have been sleeping). In Goldfinger, Thunderball and now in Skyfall the number was BMT 216 A. In Casino Royale Bond also drives a DB5, but it has another number since it was a car he won.

Sean Connery in front of his DB5 i in the movie Goldfinger from 1964.

Pierce Brosnan and DB5 in the movie GoldenEye from 1995.

Daniel Craig in the DB5 he won in Casino Royale from 2006.

And no, I have already disclosed that I'm not a complete Bond nerd, since I could not remember the number plate - only the first three letters. :)

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