torsdag den 29. november 2012

Sunday Apples

The 30 September was Day of the Apple at Pometet. My little friend researches in apples and is right now fnishing her PhD, so it was the first year she did not have to work and could go with us. It was a lovely autumn day with bright sunshine:

We bought apple juice and apple cake:

And three different kinds of apple marmelade, very delish:

Here is my little professor friend and "her" tree - an Aroma apple tree:

And here is some of her posters:

We tasted a lot of windfall apples. Here I'm teasing the boys, having told them to taste a very sweet and delish apple - which of course was extremely bitter and sour. We girls laughed out loud:

And I bought a "pillar tree", also called a "ballerina tree". It is a funny broom stick tree without a crown that does not grow very high. I chose a Sun Cat which should taste much like Aroma. Here is my private pack mule aka DH:

It's a lovely day to spend a Sunday in autumn.

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  1. Beautiful apples! By the way, it is "pack MULE" in the States, not a pack 'ass.' That is something entirely different! DH and I are smiling! -- Max looks good and we wish you both a wonderful autumn weekend. xox, Flaurella

  2. Thank you for the correction, dear. I must have been too busy. Have a lovely weekend. My pc died yesterday (one day before quarterly backup, of course), and I would have written a news mail to you - not that anything had happened. Have a lovely weekend, my friend. :)

  3. That sounds like a very lovely outing. The area of British Columbia where I live is a huge fruit growing center for Canada, and one of the largest (and best known) crops is apples. There's an Agri-Food Research Centre located about 15 minutes from my town (in a charming little community called Summerland), but I don't think I've ever been (you've got me wondering now as to whether or not it's open to public visiting - I'll be looking into that for sure).

    ♥ Jessica


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