tirsdag den 29. december 2009

What Was on Your Wish List?

Have you had a nice Christmas and got everything you wished for?
I have - both! :)

We were invited to my SIL, who is almost as Christmas Crazy as I am and add to that - an extremely great cook, so I don't complain. It was a super cosy and very traditional Christmas eve.

My presents - here we go, DH gave me a USB record playerYep, a USB record player. What I want to do with it? I am going to record all my lovely vinyl music to my pc, so I can either burn it to CD's or put it on my ZenStone (I'm not an Ipod fan). And I have plans about borrowing my parents' lovely and very scratched vintage records from the fifties and record them too. And yes, I do hear vinyl music almost every day - I know, I'm a bit nerdy.

From son, whom I've told is old enough to buy his parents, aka his main sponsors, Christmas gifts - I got the Polar Express. Now I can watch it as often as I want to, but only in December.

From my SIL I got a pair of fabulous high heeled sneakers, black/white with a white stiletto heel - I promise to take a photo soon. I wore them at work today and everybody commented on them.

My MIL had knitted a lovely sweater of the most luxurious soft wool and in the most beautiful dark red colour. I love when somebody make homemade gifts for me.

And from my parents, we have agreed on small gifts, I got a wonderful manicure set. A small suitcase with tools, and there is everything a nail enthusiast can wish for and also nail polish for French manicure. Perhaps it sounds strange, but I relax having some quality time with my nails.

Happy New Year to all of you! :)

torsdag den 24. december 2009

More translations ...

I had to do something before the Christmas Eve dinner tonight, so I've translated some of my older Danish blog posts for you to read:
Dear Husband's New Shadow
Long Weekend!
Son's Wall
25th Opel GT Club Meeting in Denmark
Royal Race
Wishing you all a very merry Christmas!

tirsdag den 22. december 2009

Christmas Movies

Do you think there is way too long for Christmas or haven't you found the Christmas spirit yet, then let me recommend some Christmas movies. I LOVE Christmas movies. :)

My absolute favourite Christmas movie is Miracle on 34th Street:

It is simply perfect, contains everything a Christmas movie needs: a great lovestory, a real Santa Claus and a fantastic ending. The movie is not the original edition from the forties, but this has a vintage-feeling I truly love. And Dylan McDermott is worth see, a true neighbour-hunk:

Right after comes the Polar Express:

It is a fantastic animation movie, in which Tom Hanks plays all parts, that is the movie is animated over his movements. The movie is about a little doubtful boy's journey with the Polar Express where the children meet Santa Claus himself. Sooo well-made. See one of my favourite scenes here:

And don't forget the hilarious funny Home Alone movies. I recommend 1 and 2. I've seen a 3 and 4, but forget them.

Number 2 is just as funny as number one, and although I've seen them about 20 times I still laugh my butt off. Fantastic movie for the whole family:

An oldie but absolutely goodie is It's a Wonderful Life. Clarence, the angel, is worth everything. See it and you'll think about how good your own life is.

If you have any Christmas you movies you love, please recommend them here.


søndag den 20. december 2009

Christmas DJ: Danish Christmas Music

The best Danish Christmas song - I think McEinar's "Jul det Cool" is great:

"Rap Jul" by Shubidua is an old favourite too - it is about Christmas seen from a duck's view:

"Og Den Himmelblå" also by Shubidua is also great:

Now I've played Shubidau I also have to play another great Danish band, Gasolin:

Now we need some tempo:

Son and I have loved the TV advent calendar elf, Pyrus, for years. Pyrus thinks that Christmas must never be boring or dull, so he wishes us a "Cool Christmas":

And at last a Danish classic - "Paa loftet sidder nissen" (at the loft the elf lives). Now all of us are hopping around the Christmas tree:

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas!

onsdag den 16. december 2009

Christmas DJ: Modern Christmas Music

I promised to be Christmas DJ these days and started playing some nostalgic Christmas music, which is my absolute favourite, but now I'll try some more modern. It is hard to choose, in fact I don't think there are much great modern Christmas music. Last Christmas by Wham is played just as much as White Christmas by Bing Crosby, so much that we don't have the nerve to hear it anymore, so I'll skip those.

I've always loved Shakin' Stevens - nice guy (he still is) and he plays some nice retro music and in addition this video is great:

Britney Spears' modern Christmas song is not bad:

Mariah Carey has a great voice which she proves in this lovely song:

I know, I know - Slade is not exactly modern anymore, but I love this song:

No Christmas without Jingle Bell Rock:

Cliff Richard is a great singer, so he also has to join my list:

Bruce Springsteen was my hero 15-20 years ago - great Christmas song:

I want to end the list in a modern rock way - Bon Jovi in the right Christmas spirit:

Next DJ-ist will be Danish Christmas music and then I'll recommend some Christmas movies. I don't give up, I want every Grinch to find the true Christmas spirit.

søndag den 13. december 2009

The Bare Necessities

I've just come home from a lovely trip to the Copenhagen with my mum, my sister and my gorgeous little niece (aged four). And I did it again - bought a pair of wonderful and absolutely necessary shoes:

Sonia Rykiel for H&M - I simply cannot live without them! :)

lørdag den 12. december 2009

Christmas DJ: Nostalgic Christmas Music

I am Christmas crazy. Why? I think it is the feeling, the cosyness, being together with good friends and family, the nice food, homemade candy, the decorations, the colours and the glitter - and don't forget ... the music. I cannot live without music, I love most kinds of music, except modern jazz, hiphop, house and rap. I love rock and fifties rock'n'roll. The last years I started to enjoy swing from the forties much:Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bing Cross, Ella Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee, Doris day - so if I can combine these great artists with Chritsmas music, I'm in heaven. I've planned to be Christmas DJ for the coming week and will start with nostalgic music. The videos are not chosen because of the video, but because of the music. So if you don't like the video, close your eyes and listen to the music. Here we go:

My all time favourite Christmas song - I melt when I hear Mr. Cole's voice:

Frank Sinatra is fantastic:

Wonderful song - wonderful voice, I love Dean Martin:

Bing Crosby's voice is great, but I will not play White Christmas since it has been played so many times none of us have the nerve to hear it anymore. This is rather unknown, but very nice:

The best version of "Sleigh Ride" ever - a movie plays in my head when I hear it:

There are not many Christmas songs with Mrs. Fitzgerald, but this quite unknow song is really nice:

No one sings Santa Baby like Eartha Kitt, even Madonna's version fades:

And when praising the originals - Brenda Lee's version is the best:

No Christmas without Elvis - that leather suit, deep sigh!:

Now I hope it has started to look like Christmas for you after having heard my list and Perry Como:

tirsdag den 8. december 2009

Christmas Crazy

I admit it - I'm Christmas crazy! I look forward to celebrating Christmas from July, and since I'm also a self-declared maximalist (minimalism is for pussies), you can guess there's a LOT of Christmas decorations at my home - even in the bathroom:

Our front door is decorated like they do in Austria, there everybody has a fir festoon with nice decorations hanging over their door:

At our banisters I've hung nice, vintage cornets:

And of course we sleep in Christmas bedlinen:

I love the Danish paper gnomes, although I suppose they're completely out of fashion today. And I like when they tell a story like this:

Our hall is dusty purple so I have filled a square vase with glass bulbs in different shades of purple:

Every December I make and advent calendar for both son and DH - and I hope to get one too, but I'm not always that lucky. Here is son's gifts hanging from the curtain rail:

My mother makes the first Christmas decoration for me for my birthday, because it has always been a tradition that the first Christmas decorations should start at my birthday. Besides that we also have an advent candle to count the days to Christmas eve:

And an advent wreath, which looks different each year:

Christmas pillows in the sofas:

And an old LP with Bing Crosby, which cannot play due to too many scratches, but it looks nice on my record player:

I love these crib figurines - we have to remember that Jesus is the reason for season:

The best thing is the Christmas tree! This is a tiny, beautiful one from my grandma, which my mum has given me. It is made of a kind of paper, has real small candles and mini glass bulbs - adorable:

In the middle of December we buy a real fir which I decorate with my huge collection of glass bulbs. I have collected for almost 30 years, it is quite expensive, so I buy a few pieces each year:

The elf that decorates the tree is from DH's grandma, he's named Holger, after a famous Danish singer, grandma thought he looked like him:

Some of my glass bulb collection, ready to be put on the tree:

Son and I are masters in modelling marzipan figurines, and we always have some "healthy" alternatives like carrots and peas. In the middle you'll see Santa hats:

And here are cocoa mice and small blue Volkswagens:

Let's end in the garage - old mechanic superstition says you should put a fir sprig in the vise during Christmas:

We have extended the tradition to also put a fir sprig under Tiny Honks wiper:

If I have any Christmas jewellery? I'm glad you asked! :) Of course - and quite a lot. Here are some of my favourites:

Wishing you all a MERRY CRHRISTMAS! *<:o)~ (smiley with Santa hat and beard)

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