fredag den 16. maj 2008

Vintage Books Hidden in the Roof

Two weeks ago we took down the roof of our house which is from 1930. Hidden in the roof was many strange things: lots of clay, old carpets, newspapers and books. I have scanned the frontpages of these three books, which of course are in Danish, but the illustrations says it all. I cannot find any publishing year, but since the house is from 1930, I believe the books to be so too or perhaps from the very late 20's.

The books are film novels, they are novels made from famous movies. I have translated the titles, I don't know the correct English title, sorry. I think the novels are quite "juicy", considering their age. I find them very charming and will read them soon.

Here we go - the first one is "The Merry Widow":

The second is "The White Slave Girl":

And the third is "The Court of Love":

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