søndag den 28. februar 2010

I'm Outraged!

Yesterday, I went to a sale in a nearby City. I invested in a lot of jewellery which God knows I don't need and even cannot convince myself that I needed. Only excuse was that it was incredible reduced, from 146 dollars to 18 dollars. When I'm finished cringing with embarrasment you'll perhaps get some photos.

Well, on my way home I thought I could buy some groceries and fruit in a supermarket, and found myself standing with a box with four small ecological apples for FIVE (5!!!) dollars!!! Who in the world pays so much for four small paltry apples!?

onsdag den 24. februar 2010


I've done it again! Bought a lipgloss, although I've promised myself 100,000 times that I have to use all those I have before buying new. I just love lipgloss, and this is fabulous: pink, mirror on the side and LIGHT in the top!!!
Can you wish for more for just 6 dollars!? Oh yes, I would wish that it didn't smell so much of plastic.
And I've bought some more, which I cannot justify I truly needed - a Jane Austen DVD collection. 10 hours cosy entertainment for just 45 dollars in my book club:
I have to resign that book club - I get tempted constantly!

fredag den 19. februar 2010

Austrian Shopping

Although there were only a few shops in Lofer I did spend a little, it was holiday after all. I found a lovely little vintage wrist-watch from the fifties, I wind it up every morning and it runs perfectly, very precise. So nice and feminine! And the elderly man at the flea market had sent it to the clock maker beforehand to give it a new glass and a new reptile band before I spent what equals to 28 dollars on it. I think it is a bargain and although it is against my challenge for 2010, I think it is OK.
I bought five jars with my favourite hand cream, Kamill.
The Kamill harvest.

A large jar cost about 3.5 dollars and it is so great for dry skin and smells lovely. Now I have hand cream for the rest of the year.

I also bought something new and smart – stickers for decorating nails. After I’ve become a fan of NegleNymfernes blog (a Danish blog solely about nail polish), I have rediscovered how much fun it is do my nails. Not just file, file and then a little pale polish. No, now I want more fun. I found these stickers for about 1.5 dollars for one sheet with many small stickers, and until now they are a hit.
I bought the nail polish at the ferry to Germany, it is a nail strengthener from Trind, a brand from the Netherlands I didn’t know. It only cost about 8 dollars, it lasts very long and the colour is perfect. Why did I only buy one bottle?

The small stickers are placed on clean nails and then you should give them one layer of top coat. I have even washed clothes several times and they still look perfect. I ought to have bought more sheets, at that ridiculous price it isn’t against my challenge for 2010. ;) At the ferry, I also found another nail-themed bargain: tiny coloured rhinestones to put on the nails. I haven’t tried them yet, but they look very lovely, and I had just seen a set like it beforehand at about 3-4 times the price – so this was a real bargain. My biggest problem - I cannot resist a bargain.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend! :)

søndag den 14. februar 2010

Happy Valentine's Day - or not

We don't celebrate Valentine's Day in Denmark, and I will not introduce it either. I love Halloween, but I think V-day is just a thing the shops have invented to earn lots of money. I like to tell and show those I love that I do it any other days a year than that special day. I think that card-flower-and-chocolate-race is silly. But that doesn't stop me from investing in a vintage love-themed bracelet:

fredag den 12. februar 2010

Winter Jewellery

If I have Winter jewellery?
Well, of course, I have jewellery for every occasion.

This is what I packed for our holiday in Austria:
The perfect bracelet for a skiing holiday.

Snowflake bracelet.

My "hot cocoa bracelet" from Juicy Couture.

Snowman earclips.

Vintage rhinestone pins from the fifties.

A new snowflake pin.

Have a lovely weekend everybody.

I'm going to move old great-granny to her new apartment tomorrow and clean all day, Sunday, deep sigh. I hope you all have something much more funny to do this weekend.

søndag den 7. februar 2010

I Love Austria

I have just come home from a lovely holiday in Austria. We visited Lofer, a small and cosy town with only a few shops and a small skiing area. We had agreed on not going on skiing holiday this year and save the money. DH has pain in his back and all over his old body, old sportsman. But I know him, right after New Years Eve he started surfing the internet and found a lovely luxurious hotel in Lofer at a very fair price. The hotel is right beside a small river, so when I opened the window I could hear it stream, very lovely.
The view from our room

We ate way too much food, the Austrians are so good at cooking and they are experts in cakes. I have never seen so many fabulous cakes in my life before. The diet was put on stand-by.

Apfelstrudel, my favourite cake.

I don’t ski, so I enjoyed the silence at our room, I read and wrote, and met the boys for lunch in the mountains.

I got the first lift card in my life, so I could ride with the gondola lift every day.Austria is so beautiful and cosy. Beforehand, Italy was my favourite country, but after having been disappointed several times, Austria is my absolute favourite. The inhabitants are so kind and service minded, the scenery is gorgeous – both Summer and Winter – and here is so quiet and cosy in an old-fashioned way.I have a feeling that time has been standing still for about 40-50 years, because people live a much less stressed life. “Mutti” (Austrian for mother) is a homemaker, she rents rooms or even apartments to ski-loving tourists. The houses in Austria are quite big. She serves breakfast and cleans, and sometimes she also serves dinner. The tourists are out skiing all day, and then mutti can do what she wants to.There are only a few shops in the cities, in Lofer there were only two fashion shops and it is mostly traditional Austrian clothes, that is full circle skirts with aprons over and lederhosen (short leather pants for men). But there was a shop with so many different kinds of fabric rolls and sewing accessories you can only dream of. I think they sew a lot here, like they did earlier. I found a shop with new and used electrical appliances and he had a lot of music tapes. Do you know anybody using music tapes today? No, I think not. I have a tape recorder and three Christmas music tapes I love, but I am a bit peculiar, you know. I cannot remember when I saw music tapes the last time in Denmark. And the shops close for lunch from 12 to almost 3 p.m. every day, their work day should be feasible. Everybody seems so happy and unstressed – if it wasn’t for the ugly language I would move to Austria immediately.

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