fredag den 19. februar 2010

Austrian Shopping

Although there were only a few shops in Lofer I did spend a little, it was holiday after all. I found a lovely little vintage wrist-watch from the fifties, I wind it up every morning and it runs perfectly, very precise. So nice and feminine! And the elderly man at the flea market had sent it to the clock maker beforehand to give it a new glass and a new reptile band before I spent what equals to 28 dollars on it. I think it is a bargain and although it is against my challenge for 2010, I think it is OK.
I bought five jars with my favourite hand cream, Kamill.
The Kamill harvest.

A large jar cost about 3.5 dollars and it is so great for dry skin and smells lovely. Now I have hand cream for the rest of the year.

I also bought something new and smart – stickers for decorating nails. After I’ve become a fan of NegleNymfernes blog (a Danish blog solely about nail polish), I have rediscovered how much fun it is do my nails. Not just file, file and then a little pale polish. No, now I want more fun. I found these stickers for about 1.5 dollars for one sheet with many small stickers, and until now they are a hit.
I bought the nail polish at the ferry to Germany, it is a nail strengthener from Trind, a brand from the Netherlands I didn’t know. It only cost about 8 dollars, it lasts very long and the colour is perfect. Why did I only buy one bottle?

The small stickers are placed on clean nails and then you should give them one layer of top coat. I have even washed clothes several times and they still look perfect. I ought to have bought more sheets, at that ridiculous price it isn’t against my challenge for 2010. ;) At the ferry, I also found another nail-themed bargain: tiny coloured rhinestones to put on the nails. I haven’t tried them yet, but they look very lovely, and I had just seen a set like it beforehand at about 3-4 times the price – so this was a real bargain. My biggest problem - I cannot resist a bargain.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend! :)

2 kommentarer:

  1. I will have to look for some nail stickers for you. They used to be very easy to find here but I havent' looked for them in a long time.

  2. Ooh, you're so nice, Flaurella. :)
    I didn't know the stickers were so good, I always thought they wouldn't last for longer than ten minutes, but now I'm convinced.


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