fredag den 30. juli 2010

Great Tools …

are half the work, my dad has always said! And I will say it also applies to us women, so I’ve bought a new iron:
Although I never wish for practical things (besides small practical things from the jeweller), I simply had to own this and since it was discounted to half price this week, I rushed to the shop and invested about 65 dollars.

It has THREE metres fabric cord (when have you last owned something with a fabric cord?), it has FOUR steam settings, steam shot and vertical steam, it has a spray function, double anti-lime function … and it is PINK! The perfect iron! I tried it yesterday on one of my new Chinese silk kimonos, and everybody knows that silk is not much fun ironing, but it is almost a pleasure ironing with my new pink dream.

Sorry, for sounding like a commercial, but I’m so excited!
Well I have to run … gotta iron. Wishing you all a lovely weekend. :)

tirsdag den 27. juli 2010

In Love with a Dress

I am in love with a dress, in fact so much that I HAVE to own it in all three colours (powder, red and black):
I can wear the light powder coloured this Summer, but also all Winter with a coloured cardigan. The red one will be a favourite for all the Christmas parties, and of course I have a pair, or several, red shoes. The black one will be my “little black dress”, as all the magazines say you have to own, many years ahead.

The dresses are from the new H&M catalogue and cost approx. 40 dollars, so I can afford all three – especially considering I have my clothes for ages! I like to say that I want to be out of fashion, because I have my own style. I love the fifties and most of my style is taken from that era, and also a little from the late forties. I always wear dresses or skirts, and only own two pairs of jeans, which normally are used in the garden or while cleaning in the weekends. I buy my clothes second hand, at sales and from H&M, so I’m not expensive to run. The fun thing is that I always get a lot of compliments, so I must be good at matching my items. In fact I haven’t bought any new clothes for the last five years, but this Spring H&M had a lot of my style, so finally mum got new clothes. A.o. this lovely dress, which I also own in three different colours:

And a few items from the Autumn catalogue will also be added to my wardrobe. Brands doesn’t interest me at all, I prefer several nice dresses to choose from than one very expensive. And I also want to save for my next vintage car. :)

torsdag den 22. juli 2010


I'm home from my vacation.
In fact I've been since Sunday, but the weather has been way to good to sit in front of the computer. Instead I've been sitting in my lovely vintage garden swing and knitted, yep, knitted!
I've been a bit dizzy of the heat and haven't had energy for anything else than relaxing in the shadow. 25 degrees celsius and cloudy weather is fine with me, but I will not complain about our rare Danish Summer weather.

I finished my bolero-shawl in less than two weeks during my vacation, and I am VERY proud of myself. I will try to remember to shoot af photo of it, but it is exactly alike this, just mixed grey tones:
It is really nice and I'm very fond of it.

I've bought yearn for another cardigan, dark red, which I miss in my collection - it was my SIL who lured, ahem. ;)

Well, back on track - "staycation", what is that for a thing? It is a contraction of the words "stay" and "vacation", meaning you spend your vacation at home. Definately a financial crisis trend, which we have practised for years without knowing there was a smart word for it.

11 years ago I got my the greatest gift of my life - a Summer cottage at the Isle of Moen. And since vi are so priviliged to own a cottage at one of the best beaches in Denmark, we decided we simply had to use it. So I decided that every second year we should spend our vacations at our cottage, because only going abroad every second year is fine with me.

If you want to read the story about how I got my nice little cottage, click here.
I hope your vacations have been fabulous too! :)

lørdag den 3. juli 2010


I wish you all a lovely Summer holiday!

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