tirsdag den 27. juli 2010

In Love with a Dress

I am in love with a dress, in fact so much that I HAVE to own it in all three colours (powder, red and black):
I can wear the light powder coloured this Summer, but also all Winter with a coloured cardigan. The red one will be a favourite for all the Christmas parties, and of course I have a pair, or several, red shoes. The black one will be my “little black dress”, as all the magazines say you have to own, many years ahead.

The dresses are from the new H&M catalogue and cost approx. 40 dollars, so I can afford all three – especially considering I have my clothes for ages! I like to say that I want to be out of fashion, because I have my own style. I love the fifties and most of my style is taken from that era, and also a little from the late forties. I always wear dresses or skirts, and only own two pairs of jeans, which normally are used in the garden or while cleaning in the weekends. I buy my clothes second hand, at sales and from H&M, so I’m not expensive to run. The fun thing is that I always get a lot of compliments, so I must be good at matching my items. In fact I haven’t bought any new clothes for the last five years, but this Spring H&M had a lot of my style, so finally mum got new clothes. A.o. this lovely dress, which I also own in three different colours:

And a few items from the Autumn catalogue will also be added to my wardrobe. Brands doesn’t interest me at all, I prefer several nice dresses to choose from than one very expensive. And I also want to save for my next vintage car. :)

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