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torsdag den 23. februar 2012

My Top Ten Beauty Products

I’ve been inspired by some lovely Swedish women’s blog challenge to write about your favourite beauty products. I have not been challenged myself but just been inspired. If you also are inspired, please leave a link to share. I’m not sure if all of my products listed are available outside Denmark.

I use makeup every day and I also cleanse my skin every night. I am very old-fashioned, so I use a mild facial wash – NOT a soap – usually a fluid one from Oriflame. Right now it is this one, but they have other good ones:

After having washed my face I use rose water from Matas (equals to Boots) as a toner. They have stopped selling it, but order it especially for me if I buy six bottles. I can easily do so, since I use it every day.
My grandmother always used rose water, and she hardly had a wrinkle when she died. It is mild and has a lovely scent, I sincerely recommend it.

I have dry skin, so I cannot live without facial creams. My favourite day cream which I always return to is from Aldi! Yep, Aldi, the German discount supermarket. It is named Biocura Anti-Wrinkle. It works, has a lovely scent and is very inexpensive.

I use many different night creams, but during winter I often return to good old Nivea. It is very fat and works wonders for my skin when the winter makes my dry skin even more dry.

A cream I cannot live without is Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream. It is really fantastic on cold noses, peeling lips to sunburned shoulders. It does not heal your skin in eight hours, but it heals really fast.

As mentioned I use makeup every day, but I am not true to any brands. I go for colours. For about 30 years I have searched for the perfect red lipstick and finally found it about a year ago.
It is from Oriflame and is named Love Red. It is the perfect red shade, and it is soft and comfy to wear, like a lip balm, and without feathering. I don’t need neither a primer nor a lip liner. I have bought three to put on stock in the fridge.

I always use mascara and keep trying different brands, who promises a lot, but I keep returning to Max Factor’s 2000 Calories. This is simply the best mascara.

I love talc and use it every night after my bath or washing. My favourite scent is from Italy, it cost almost nothing so I always buy a lot at their local markets. I pour the content of the bags into a nice jar and use a big puff.

I have very sensitive teeth, so for many years I have used Sensodyne toothpaste, since it really works.

And as all of you might know I love nail polish and cannot live without my flash dryer. I have a very old one from Wet’n’Wild, which is oily and it really works. Unfortunately, you cannot buy it any longer, but I have seen that Essie also have an oily one. I will invest in it when I have used my old one.
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torsdag den 16. februar 2012


I love to change the wallpaper at my desktop, so it suits the season, the holiday or just my mood. Not long ago I uploaded 82 (!!!) new wallpapers to my Download section at my website, so if you also like a suitable wallpaper at your desktop, please feel free to use mine. There should be something for every one.

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torsdag den 9. februar 2012

Kickoff in Dubai

I know this is not the place to show off your holiday photos, but I have just attended the most fabulous kickoff in Dubai with my company, and I simply have to share it with you. Be prepared to be envious! :)

It was four truly hectic and very compressed days – we experienced a lot in a very short time and were all very tired when we came home. We ate great food and danced all night, we talked and hugged and everybody became good friends outside the department barriers.

At the first day we visited the new Dubai and were thereafter sailed with taxi boats to the old Dubai, where we visited a market. It was boring. I had planned to buy spices but since there was an intense smell of pee, I didn’t. There were lots of shops with spices:

And there were many shops with decorations for the home:
You cannot imagine how incredibly tasteless it was.

Thereafter, we went to the Dubai Mall, which is the largest shopping center in the world. I ran around with a colleague to buy shoes. She only bought one pair, while I controlled myself and only bought two pairs.

Later in the afternoon we visited the Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest building in the world:
Everything is bigger and bolder in Dubai, you simply cannot imagine how rich and bold everything is if you haven’t been there.

The Khalifa is 828 metres tall and has 164 floors. As a tourist you can come up to 124 floor.

And here I am:

You are really ”at the top” when you are standing on the 124 floor:

Later in the evening there was a fountain show, which also was incredibly big – I have never seen anything like it. Imagine water dancing belly dance!

The next day we attended a kickoff at the lawn of the hotel, we played beach volley at the beach and had the rest of the day on our own. I just laid at the pool and read. In the evening we should eat at Buddha Bar, but before going there our CEO announced that there was a change in the programme. We were driven to the Burj Al Arab hotel, the only seven star hotel in world and shaped like a sail! We sat and drank expensive champagne and took a thousand photos. We could freely choose a second drink from the bar card.

When we came down the bus was gone and replaced by Hummer limos:
It is an amazing company I work for!

We had the last day on our own. I needed some privacy, so I walked down a promenade, and started noticing the cars. There were no cars older than three years, and every third car was a luxury car. You kept hearing V8 and Porsche sounds all day. There were Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Camaros, Rolls, Porsches, Mustangs, Hummers and other expensive cars everywhere:

In the evening we went on a jeep saferi and boy, it was fun! We drove for about an hour and ended in the desert. Here I am standing in the middle of no where:

Eight Toyotas raced around in the sand and it was much like riding a roller coaster.

We stopped in the middle of the desert and drank champagne, sitting on pillows and carpets:

Thereafter, we were driven to a tent camp where we ate an Arabian dinner:

It will NEVER be ordinary day at work again!

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torsdag den 2. februar 2012

Buy of the Year 2011

Previously, I have elected the Buy of the Year. In 2009 it was my little travel immersion heater that I bring with me on all my holidays, so I can enjoy a mug of tea. In 2011 it was my Pyrex measuring cup which I almost use daily, it is especially good when making latte. Previously the elections have been flea market finds, but since I haven’t defined the nomination precisely (and since I’m the one who determines the election) I thought that it could as well be something handmade. Anyhow it has to be something you cannot just run to the nearest supermarket and buy, and it has to be something that has made me especially happy and also made a difference. E.g. I have bought many beautiful nail polishes, but I don’t think I can say that they have made a difference. ;)

During Spring and early Summer I went down with stress twice and lost most of my memory. It is not much fun, especially not when you’re used to have everything in control and being able to remember everything. So I bought a beautiful, handmade note book at Etsy:
It is leather bound and the paper is handmade luxury paper, and taking this into consideration, the price was a bargain. I love note books, but when I sit with a brand new unused book, I always make silly rules about what to write and that it has to look nice and tidy. But with this one I promised myself to write whatever I felt for or needed. I have written lists, quotes, poems, ideas, thoughts – just what comes to my mind. And it helped! It did not remove my stress, but it has been and still is a great help in my weekday. It lies on my living room table because it is decorative, but also because I quickly can look up things or write down something. At Etsy you can find lots of beautiful handmade note books, so if you are tempted I sincerely recommend it. There should be something for everybody and every purse.

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