onsdag den 24. september 2008

Son's Wall

This is a wall I painted in son’s room a month ago. Dear husband spent a weekend renovating son’s room and I spent almost a day drawing and painting this "mod" wall:

Almost done (son has taken the photos):

DH made me a huge wooden a pair of dividers and we also used different sized pot lids. Son had told me a lot about his dream-wall, so I made a draft in PowerPoint, he approved it (it’s a good thing to have a teenager’s approval BEFORE doing the job!) and then I painted. He was VERY excited with the result and sent SMS’es to all his friends. He could not believe I was that good at it. :) Everybody envy him for his nice room. He had planned everything to be black’n’white –from furniture to candles and vases, so he got it precisely as he wanted. We told him that if he saved half of the amount for the furniture, we would give him the other half.

Here he is – the happy owner (not very spoiled, ha!):

His room seen from his door – biiig smile:

The pictures on the wall at the right are my draft made in PowerPoint:

My signature:

søndag den 24. august 2008

Copy of Jayne's Wedding Dress?!

Today is our 17th wedding day! We have ate brunch and driven a long tour in my vintage car. We stopped at a flea market where I bought a small and lovely red purse - a wedding gift for myself as dear husband said.

Here is dad and I ready for going into the church, I still have 80's fashioned hair, ough:

I have never dreamed of being a white bride, I am too pale and colourless for wearing white - I love red and red is the colour of love. Here is dear husband and I walking down the aisle very newly wed:

Dear husband and I kissing in front of the pro photographer:

Dad and I are dancing. I sketched the wedding dress myself and gave the drawing to my mother in law who is a pro taylor, she did a fab job on the dress:

But oops! Did I make a copy of Jayne Mansfield's wedding dress without even knowing it:
Or do we just have the same great taste!? ;)

onsdag den 20. august 2008

25th Opel GT Club Meeting in Denmark

Last weekend we attended the annual Opel GT club meeting in Denmark near the German border. There are only about 40 GT's on plates in Denmark and 23 of them were represented, not bad at all. 20 more GT's came from Germany.

Here I am at a sparepart market looking at vintage models of the GT:

Dear husband and I (he drives when we are together, so I don't have to hear him complain about my driving skills). We are getting in line for the convoy tour:

GT parking only. My GT is in first line, number four from the right:

They are in every colour and every style:

It was the Danish GT club's 25th anniversary and Bjarne at the photo has been in the club from the very beginning:

A great weekend talking with fellow GT fans about our lovely small cars and the weather was so great too.

tirsdag den 5. august 2008

Royal Race

Normally, I'm not a royalist - but being this close to the HRH Prince Joachim and his new and very beautiful wife, Princess Marie, I became one! :) I have shot all the photos myself, but I behaved! I did not rush up to them and put the camera right in their faces, I stayed behind the line about 3-4 metres from them.

We spent all Sunday at the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix and it was WONDERFUL! You might read much more about it on their website: chgp.dk - click the English flag at the top right. The races were divided into year groups and also car types and many famous race drivers participated.Prince Joachim is patron for the Grand Prix and an active racedriver.

Here they are - HRH Prince Joachim and his lovely wife Marie:

Perhaps they are discussing his strategy for the coming race:

Joachim's car, a Ford Cortina from 1965, but with a Lotus engine. We heard he had crashed the engine in one of Saturday's races, so at new engine had to be mounted during the night - great to be royal:

His name is embroidered on the seat. Note the car is right-hand driven, in Denmark all cars are left-hand driven:

This is a good shot - his helmet (with name on), his woolen head cover, and gloves on top of his car and HRH himself with wife in the background:

Here he is racing - I've heard that he is a very respected racedriver. He started as number 8, due to the engine crash the day before, and ended as number 6:

If you would like to read more about the Danish royals take a look at their official site.

onsdag den 25. juni 2008

Packing the Bare Necessities

I'm going on summer holiday this Friday, so I've started packing. When it comes to jewellery I just pack the bare necessities (as Baloo sings):
Bombshells don't travel light! If I can't choose I take all of it.
All of the jewellery in the photo is vintage, except for the Titanic set and the pink watch at right.

Most of my jewellery is from the fifties. I always bring a lot of different lucite confetti ear clips, clamber bracelets, a few necklaces and LOTS of charm bracelets. I LOVE charm bracelets. The pearl necklace at the bottom right in the tiny purse is made of very old genuine pearls. You cannot buy such pearls anymore.
I started with a nice little purse for my jewellery, now this lucite box-purse is filled to the top. Hmm! ;)

I don't master the art of limitation.

I wish you all a GREAT summer! :)

søndag den 15. juni 2008

Vintage Car Exhibition

Last Sunday we attended a vintage car exhibition. We just came, parked my sweet, old Opel GT and walked around in the sunshine admiring all the lovely cars. Here it is in the line:

I love vintage MG's almost as much as Morgans:

This one was my dad's first car, it was already considered vintage 45 years ago. His was named "Rolling" and kept falling apart everyday - but we all loved it (it is a Morris 8):

Dear husband and I could agree on this one - a Ford A (I thought it was a B), cute old car:

I'm not an Opel fan, I only love the GT model, but this one is very lovely too, reminds me much of a Buick:

I want a shiny, black Citroën from the thirties before I die. I'm sure it will become me when I'm an elderly lady:

The car that became James Dean's destiny:

A little, happy frog - not elegant but very cute (Austin Frog's Eye):

We could also agree on this cream coloured beauty:

Me, eating a quick and simple lunch:

"Jensen" is a Danish car, here is "The Boss" as his number plates states:

Finally, a relaxing rest at the end of the day:

torsdag den 5. juni 2008

Vintage Newspapers

Yours truly hunting for vintage newspapers under the roof:

Sorry about my clothes - not much bombshell glam! It is old clothes I work in, but the wooden shoes are pearly pink and the cardigan vintage, supposedly from the fifties.

When I have read all the great vintage newspapers - they were all from 1933-34 - I will scan and upload fun drawings, photos and ads.

tirsdag den 3. juni 2008

Indiana Hunk!

Have you seen the new Indiana Jones movie!?
I have!!! He is my favourite hero and I have to admit it - he is still delish!

The action takes place in the mid-fifties, my favourite era. The action opens with a bang and a loud and great Elvis song. But don't go to the cinema if you enjoy petticoats and fancy fifties dresses, there's not much of that kind'a fifties stuff.

But back to Indy - in the movie his gotten 20 years older, but in real life his turned 28 years older. But he is still smashing, he still makes most of his stunts himself (uhm, a real man!) and I read in an article that his younger player had to work hard to keep fit enough to follow his tempo. Here he is, the lastest photo of my all time hero - what do you think? As son said: after ten minutes you forgot he was an old man. :)

Son and I saw the very first Indy movie the day before and it was a great idea, since you remember and recognize a lot of things in the action.

mandag den 26. maj 2008

The Mysterious Gargoyle

As some of you might know we are getting a new roof for our thirties house. What a mess, but the project goes great. One day last week dear husband called me from the roof (thanks to mobile phones) and said he had found a strange cat head. I rushed up to see it, here it is:

We suppose it has been over the first main door many, many years ago. Out of its mouth came an electrical wire, looked very strange, but we think that a lamp has been coming out of its mouths to light up the main door in the past. It is looking quite scaring, not pretty at all, see close up here:

We had to break it down and we have made fun about that it has chased evil ghosts away and now hell will break out in our house, but the carpenter said that he was sure the gargoyle itself was an evil spirit and that it is good it is now gone.

PS: No hell has broken out yet! But if any of you know anything about these strange and quite ugly decorations let me know. :)

fredag den 16. maj 2008

Vintage Books Hidden in the Roof

Two weeks ago we took down the roof of our house which is from 1930. Hidden in the roof was many strange things: lots of clay, old carpets, newspapers and books. I have scanned the frontpages of these three books, which of course are in Danish, but the illustrations says it all. I cannot find any publishing year, but since the house is from 1930, I believe the books to be so too or perhaps from the very late 20's.

The books are film novels, they are novels made from famous movies. I have translated the titles, I don't know the correct English title, sorry. I think the novels are quite "juicy", considering their age. I find them very charming and will read them soon.

Here we go - the first one is "The Merry Widow":

The second is "The White Slave Girl":

And the third is "The Court of Love":

tirsdag den 6. maj 2008

My Fifties Style Dress and Vintage Gloves

Here is a photo of me in my fifties inpsired dress and vintage gloves:

The garnet parure I'm wearing is very old! My great-grandmother bought it used when she was young. I'm very fund of it. It is very beautiful. I'm on my way to the second confirmation - my sister's oldest boy. I also brought a vintage clear lucite purse with me.

And this week we have torn down our roof, inside the roof we found some very old newpapers and novels, (un)fortunately in Danish, but I will scan the cover pagees of the novels soon, they are from the very beginning of the thirties - vintage and lovely.

fredag den 25. april 2008

Riding the Indian

Here is the promised photo of son, my dad and his vintage Indian Big Chief motorcycle from 1946:

The impress-factor is quite high! :)

Dad went to church dressed in black leather. Son borrowed my mum's jacket and helmet.

onsdag den 23. april 2008

Son's Confirmation Last Saturday

The proud mum just wanted to show Mr. Handsome to everybody:

I know I'm his mum, but I think he looks fab and has a great style. :)

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