tirsdag den 5. august 2008

Royal Race

Normally, I'm not a royalist - but being this close to the HRH Prince Joachim and his new and very beautiful wife, Princess Marie, I became one! :) I have shot all the photos myself, but I behaved! I did not rush up to them and put the camera right in their faces, I stayed behind the line about 3-4 metres from them.

We spent all Sunday at the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix and it was WONDERFUL! You might read much more about it on their website: chgp.dk - click the English flag at the top right. The races were divided into year groups and also car types and many famous race drivers participated.Prince Joachim is patron for the Grand Prix and an active racedriver.

Here they are - HRH Prince Joachim and his lovely wife Marie:

Perhaps they are discussing his strategy for the coming race:

Joachim's car, a Ford Cortina from 1965, but with a Lotus engine. We heard he had crashed the engine in one of Saturday's races, so at new engine had to be mounted during the night - great to be royal:

His name is embroidered on the seat. Note the car is right-hand driven, in Denmark all cars are left-hand driven:

This is a good shot - his helmet (with name on), his woolen head cover, and gloves on top of his car and HRH himself with wife in the background:

Here he is racing - I've heard that he is a very respected racedriver. He started as number 8, due to the engine crash the day before, and ended as number 6:

If you would like to read more about the Danish royals take a look at their official site.

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