mandag den 29. juli 2013

torsdag den 25. juli 2013

Teenage Beggers

This is what it looks when son (right) and his friend begs to borrow my vintage Opel GT:

They were simply too cute so I gave them permission to cruise in the nice summer weather.

mandag den 22. juli 2013

Monroe Monday

Billedet har jeg taget i Key West i februar 2012.
Hvem vil ikke gerne sidde på skødet af Marilyn?

mandag den 15. juli 2013

torsdag den 11. juli 2013

mandag den 8. juli 2013

torsdag den 4. juli 2013


I have a strange little ism! I love kalaidoscopes. Yep, like the ones from our childhood that form beautiful and colourful graphical patterns when turning the exterior part. Do you remember them? I have just bought one at a dollar store for about 4 dollars, and it stands on my living room table, so when I sit and relax I look through it and enjoy all the lovely colours - very relaxing.

If you would like to buy your own, I'm sure you can find them in most toy shops. All the pearl-thingys have to be in different colours and shapes to form the lovely patterns, so look through it before buying. It has to be pretty.

mandag den 1. juli 2013

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