torsdag den 30. maj 2013

Funny Scissors

I've got a great idea for new easy nails - you cut tape with funny scissors:

I love Pinterest, and have seen it first there. Then it came to my mind that I already had a funny scissor I never used. Mine is number two from left.

Here I have made cut tests, still the same order as in the photo above:

Here is my first try with my own scissor:
The acid green is L'Oreal nr. 807 and the purple is OPI's Tomorrow Never Dies, from the Bond collection. First I cut a lot of tape in suitable lengths and thereafter I cut the pieces with a funny scissor. And I had to cut a lot, because the tape kept breaking. I suppose the scissors is best for papercutting. Remember that the first layer of polish has to dry completely before you put on the tape, and that the tape should be taken off immediately after the next layer of polish has been applied to get the sharp edges. So it's best to make one nail at a time. I need a new basecoat, so I apologize for the bubbles.

Well, I visited my MIL and helped her with her new pc, so I asked her if she had more funny scissors she didn't use. And she had - I got three more. The first big one is a professional sewing scissor, so it cuts really great. Unfortunately, the tape broke on my nails so I had to re-do several, very annoying:
The baby blue holo-polish is Makeup Store SIW and the dark blue is Essie Aruba Blue, my two favorites blues and at the same time.

So now I'm on the lookout for tape that doesn't break.

mandag den 27. maj 2013

torsdag den 23. maj 2013

Lots of Vintage Magazines

I love the fifties and the best way to get in the right mood is to sit in my lovely library corner with a ladies' magazine from the fifties, while an LP plays fifties music. I have read my little collection of vintage ALT for Damerne (ALL for the Ladies) several times, so I searched the internet and found a few great collections for sale. Here is the first one landed:

The seller was a young guy who had bought a house, and he found the magazines in a closet on the loft. He thought it would be a pity to trash them, which I thank him for. And look how nice they are sorted with notes about useful stuff:
I hardly couldn't trash the notes either.

Here they are all sorted in years and marked in my archiving system:

I have adopted the system from Johanna Öst. I have made the paper tabels in Word and not by hand: 

It looks nice and is very clear and easy:

So a great THANKS to Johanna for her brilliant idea.

So count on regular posts with scans from my vintage magazines.

mandag den 20. maj 2013

torsdag den 16. maj 2013

Latest Nails

But doesn't she wear nail polish any more, you ask? Yes I do, but I have been reported sick from serious stress for some months now. And besides trying to relax, I have cleaned a lot, since it is my way to get rid of my frustrations. And cleaning and nice nails is not a great combination. I do have a few nails to show you. I made the Danish flag nails for a girl friends fiftieth birthsday:
I have first painted two layers with a white Depend, let it dry completely, put nail tape on and lastly painted the lovely glitter red Ruby Slippers from Color Club. Everybody loved it.

For my birthday last year, I wished for Leading Lady from Essie, but I was lucky to get a box of three mini Essies, and I loved all of them. I could not decide which one to try first Leading Lady or Beyond Cosy, therefore I tried both at the same time using nail tape:

This diagonal design is super easy and always looking great, so I got a lot of compliments and my photo, which is taken in my bathroom, does not do the lovely colours justice.

mandag den 13. maj 2013

torsdag den 9. maj 2013

Little Book of Earrings

I have bought a really brilliant thing! The Little Book of Earrings:
I bought the green one and I found it cheapest at Amazon UK.

It has several advantages:

Order! If you love system and order, like I do, and love to have a great overview when choosing, then it is really brilliant, just look:

And if you are afraid of burglary, you can place it in your book shelves where it will blend in with all your other books. And if you are going on a holiday, it is easy to bring with you. There is room for about 40 pairs of earrings.

mandag den 6. maj 2013

torsdag den 2. maj 2013

Caviar versus Micro Beads

You can buy Ciaté's expensive nail Caviar:

Or you can go to and buy 18 mini bottles of so called Micro Beads, which is exactly the same, for just 7 dollars:

Guess what I did!?! ;)

I'm not sure what to think about this trend. It is a bit like what-are-we-going-to-come-up-with-now. I will only make an accent nail with the beads or perhaps french tips for special occasions. Eva from Coewless has made a bead-manicure, which I think is really nice.

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