torsdag den 28. februar 2013

Beauty Gadgets

I love gadgets and have added two more to the collection. DH gave me this smart thingy which should remove hair permanently with light impulses, the same as used in the salons:

I had to try it. If I don't have to shave and wax it is worth the effort, I can only hope.

And I have bought this from TV Shop. Yes, I watch TV Shop, I'm a pitiable person. No, not pitiable, but every Sunday morning DH and I think it is fun to watch TV Shop, and then I saw this Derma Wand, which removes wrinkles with radio frequences:

Yes, it sounds too good to be true, so I googled a lot and read a lot of reviews, especially at Amazon, where people normally are very honest. And it only gets good critics.

Hope is always green - I'll return in six months or so if they are worth the money, so don't laugh until then.

mandag den 25. februar 2013

torsdag den 21. februar 2013

ALT for Damerne, February 1953

I've scanned another vintage ALT for Damerne (ALL for the Ladies). This time from February 1953 to match the month. Remember that you can click all pictures into larger formats.

First the cover which I think is pure art, without a lot of annoying neon coloured titles.

This is two tips about how the homemaker has to watch the minutes and spend her time cleverly:

There was a Doctor column, where you could ask health related questions:

At the food pages, you could send in your own ideas and clever advice - like this about cooking your vegetables in plastic bags to separate them in the same pot, not a bad idea at all:

I have also scanned a recipe (unfortunately in Danish), a gratin with apples and almonds, yummi! Notice the cheerful serving. In the fifties everything was about cheerful serving and funny names, since almost everything was rationed - except humour:

And your hair should be short and wavy, says Paris:

We continue to the commercials, my favourites. Here it is Anders And (Donald Duck) - the magazine of the world:

I didn't know that one of my favourite  lip balms is so old:

Focus was on the lips, here is an artistically lipstick commercial from Louis Philippe. I love vintage lipstick cases:

Are you tired out at 3 p.m.? ... then go home! As the Secretary to the Management said when I was an apprentice. You could also drink a cup of Medova tea:
The pharmacologists have proved it to sharpen the capacity for thinking!

Something that is delicious and cheap - and I don't think it is the young homemaker they have in mind!

I will end with this commercial for the best vacuum cleaner in the world, and I'm serious. R2D2, as it was called when I lived with my parents and cleaned with one like this:

I will go make myself a cup of tea to sharpen my capacity for thinking!

mandag den 18. februar 2013

torsdag den 14. februar 2013

Beauty(ful) Book

I've bought a really beauty(ful) book - unfortunately in Danish, so this post is not very interesting if you don't understand Danish, I'm sorry:

It is written by Anette from, so I had to buy it, since I love her writing. It reveals all the secrets to beautiful skin. I hope to age beautifully and naturally, since I would be sad if we all became Cher-like clones.

Anette was so extremely kind to sign the book for me, which I brag about to all my guests:
The text says:
Dear Sanne, thank you for you and your lovely involvement

mandag den 11. februar 2013

torsdag den 7. februar 2013

Commercial: Sanne's Vintage Jools

Well, it is my blog, so I suppose I can bring a commercial for my own little shop, right?

I've wanted to open an Etsy shop for long and now I've finally done it. I'm very excited and think it looks really nice. I've collected vintage costume jewellery for about fifteen years, and have some things in my collection which I think is really lovely but never use, strange. Now I've sorted them out and put them up for sale - at very reasonable prices - in my new shop:

And only half an hour after the grand opening, my first order ticked in. I was so happy I danced. This is how an order looks when it is ready to be shipped:

Of course I've made nice thank-you's card matching my "logo", which I fasten on the box with a matching red rubber band. And yes, I've drawn a happy flower on the envelope, since I hadn't any nice stickers and I really like when sellers make the order special. Now I think I will continue to draw since it is much more personal.

So do take a look in my nice shop when you need a break: Sanne's Vintage Jools.

mandag den 4. februar 2013

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