torsdag den 31. oktober 2013

Happy Halloween

I bought a few new Halloween decoration items during Whitsun:

I love skulls, so I simply had to buy the candy bowl formed as a half skull with a pirate hat. The small orange pumpkin candle holders have such a lovely colour and will look nice in my window sills.

I wish you all a very scary and happy Halloween. :)

tirsdag den 29. oktober 2013

Add: New Items in My Shop

I've spent a day in my autumn holiday last week filling new items in my little Etsy shop. 42 new things in total, so there is something for everybody - from 80's jools (from my own collection, now they have to move on) to 50's jools, like this nice pair of orange confetti lucite earrings with magnet backs:

To this handsome guy, who is very usable during autumn and at Halloween:

To a beautiful party dress, size Large, so unfortunately too big for me:
Or I would never have sold it.

To the most beautiful shoes:
The shoe is in a classic shape made of satin, but the heels! They are wild! Clear lucite with millions of glittering rhinestones. In perfect condition, but too tight for me, so if you wear a size 6 on the smaller end of the scale, here are your party shoes for the coming season.

And I've cleared out my record collection, there is also something for everybody, from the Easy Rider soundtrack to Sinatra:

So take a look in Sannes Vintage Jools, to see if there is something for you. :)

mandag den 28. oktober 2013

mandag den 21. oktober 2013

torsdag den 17. oktober 2013

Autumn Decoration

Now it's time for indoor cosyness again, and since I love to decorate I have invented autumn decoration. It is not much, just some artificial leaves bought a eBay. I place them in our living room, in the window sills and on the tables. Son says "I see autumn leaves everywhere, but no trees?":

And I love to collect acorns and chestnuts in the nature, here in front of my nice scent lamp:

These nice fungus are carved in wood, and found on a garden exhibition some years ago:

And my crocheted cakes matches my autumn decor nicely:

You can fill these glass ornaments with what you like, right now it is acorns:

But acorns quickly dry and become dull, so I searched for "acorns" at Etsy, and look what I found:
They are handmade and very nice, and they'll last for many years.

I've completely forgotten this old decoration:
What a pity, but now it sees daylight again. It matches autumn perfectly with its dark brown look and artificial black berries.

And I also look forward to use my autumn jools again. I have previously shown you some of my collection, like here. And a few new things have sneaked into it, from Etsy, of course:
Acorn earings, fantastic colour.

And almost-matching acorn necklace:

And in a few days I will pack it all away and decorate for Halloween.

mandag den 14. oktober 2013

torsdag den 10. oktober 2013

The Nest is Empty

Son has moved. We went from this:

To this:
In a week.

And although I for a long time have given him hints about moving, guess who sat in his empty room a few days after and sobbed? Yep, me! Me who hates being a cry-baby, but I suppose I've become one. Sigh!

mandag den 7. oktober 2013

torsdag den 3. oktober 2013

Alt for Damerne, October 1955

I've scanned from Alt for Damerne (All for the Ladies), number 41 from 1955 for you. It is a Danish magazine, but I hope my foreign readers might get some inspiration from the photos. Remember all photos can be enlarged by clicking at them.

It is time for some autumn nostalgia:
I want a red coat like this one! :)

Here is the column The Doctor says:
There is a worried woman who has used her sunlamp too much, and another reader is asking if contact lenses are dangerous? I didn't know contact lenses were common in the fifties, but now I suppose they were. And the doctor is praising the "Elephant" who is emaciating. I better like our modern word: diet.

Here is discussed if you should stick to your own class:
A clever sixteen year old girl tells about her experiences.

And how about fashion - will it be long or short, full or tight?

Fortunately, there is something for everybody:

You can also sew it yourself, like this fabulous dress pattern:
I know I would love it to pieces! :)

Or you can change what you already have in your wardrobe, here are some useful tips:
Creativity for less - we like that.

If you're not fond of the bigger sewing projects, you can make yourself a nice little thing like this to keep your necessities in place:

Below are also some tips for the Gay bathroom.

On to my favourites, the ads. I have scanned a lot this time, since there were so many nice ones:
Is it a phone number? No, it is a world number! That slip is really classy!
But what's that? Someone has cut in the magazine. Yes, that's how it is with vintage magazines. Although there most often are very well preserved you might sometimes find cuttings in them, but most often it is nicely done. I think the former owner has cut out a coupon for the lovely dress pattern - I wish it was me!

An add for rice in which there even is a recipe:
And of course one collects silver cutlery from Georg Jensen. In fact, I have a fork and a spoon in this pattern, which I got as a Christening present.

The ads back then were often a nice little cartoon, like here:
I think they are very charming.

Or they could be real art, like here:
I love the zipper ad.

And the laundry could not be too white:
And she dares going to the chicken yard, but that's because she has Rinso.

You can often find a nice little column of mini ads at the end of the magazine, I suppose they were cheaper to buy:

Back then you could choose between seven different Rena puddings:
And Junghans Trivox was the kindest alarm clock in the world.

Lakkawella tea is strong and round, but never bitter:
And it is from Brugsen!

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