torsdag den 25. juni 2009

News About My New Job

As some of you might remember I got a new job as Microsoft license expert and started on 1 April. We should be five in my team, we were three with me! Then one of them went down with serious stress and then the other one quit!!! Not good! Not good at all! Also because I liked those two great women so much and we could have been a great team.

So now we're me who has been employed for almost three months now, one of the "old gals" is there for two more weeks and a brand new guy started yesterday. Yeeha! Do we have fun!

I'm SO exhausted in the evenings that the only thing I can do is sit in my lovely vintage garden swing and relax and then go early to bed later. No energy for anything at all!

Fortunately, I've also got a new boss (yep, my life is nothing but boring!) and he is the greatest! He has already employed one more (in fact a former colleague of mine), he has two more job interviews tomorrow - and he invites me to the last job interviews, and listens very much to what I have to say (I've turned two down and he agreed with me!). He is very dedicated and have already got a yes from our Managing Director that we have to be one more in total in my team.

I still hope and think this will be a good job.

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