onsdag den 28. april 2010

Mum's got a New Toy

I've spend money!

Some of you might have wondered what happened to my New Year resolution. I stopped writing what I bought, because I thought you might find it pretty boring, but also because I haven't been spending any money for long!!! That is, except some small really cheap things that doesn't count. But NOW I've spend money! I've got a new job and therefore wanted to celebrate, so I got this fabulous necessity at eBay:
Powder box and lipstick in one with lots of colourful rhinestones - just what I like, and I'm sure it will look great in my clear lucite purses from the fifties.

And our local supermarket had this handy little video camera as bargain this week:
160 dollars, I could not resist. And then DH gave it to me - he is my favorite husband! ;)

So in the future I will be able to present you to much better videos of my dancing son.

mandag den 19. april 2010

My Shuffling Son

I have previously shown my dancing son. Latest craze is to "shuffle" (he starts shuffling about 15 seconds in the movie):

Oh my, if he just spend as much energy on his homework!

And yes, I also hate his sagging pants.
And yes, I also think the music is horrible.
And yes, he has ADHD, but he neither crawls on walls nor ceilings. He is just a happy boy with concentration problems who likes to move his body.

It is never dull at our house. :)

onsdag den 14. april 2010

Nails and Fleas

At the more jolly end of my life ... I've won second prize in a Spring nail competition by the NegleNymferne! :)
I have not won anything, except the honour, which I think is great - just take a look at the first prize! Hard to compete with those Easter egg nails! My contribution does not look like much compared to that - I've made an eranthis of rhinestones. The technic is to place the rhinestones in wet nail polish and it has to be done quickly since there are so many, and no mistakes should be made, since it ruins the wet polish. Not as easy as it looks. Afterwards it gets a layer of clear top coat and it lasts for almost a week.

AND ... I've visited a flea market at great granny's nursery home, and I bought a lot of treasures for nothing! I just LOVE flea markets and second hand, you can buy the most incredible treasures for almost nothing. Well, here's the list of my treasures:

A camera tripod for about 4 dollars
I've wanted it for long, and 4 dollars, isn't it marvelous! Normally, it costs about 200 dollars on the internet. Perhaps I finally can shoot some night photos.

20 LP’s for 8 dollars
Yes, I love vinyl, and at such a low price you can take a chance if you find something you are not quite sure of, but I found some really great discs.

A pink cardigan for 1 dollar
I can wash it at that price.

A phone with ten memory buttons for 4 dollars
It is white, clean and works perfectly - out with the ugly green one that didn't function.

So I shopped a lot almost without spending.

Later at the same week we visited great granny and I spotted a sofa bed, which I hadn't noticed at the flea market. We inquired how much and they told us we could just take it. We did, and now our guest room in the basement looks very smart.

I wonder why second hand isn't more popular than it is, because it is a gold mine.

søndag den 11. april 2010

Thank You, God!

I want the tone on my blog to be cheerful and light, both because I'm normally a happy optimist, but also so you want to read it.

Normally, I don't consider myself a strong believer, but yesterday something bad happened and I want to share it with you. Son was on his way to his work on his nice new moped, when he was ran over by a car in a right-hand turn accident. Luckily nothing happened to him except a huge bruise on his hip and a scratched knee. His many years of JuJutsu training has paid off so that he new how to fall the correct way. The lady who ran him down admitted her guilt to the police. Son's nice new moped is completely crashed and the police took it with them to test it for modifications, so he is in a very blue mood. He has saved for it for 18 months and he does not have much money - and now it is finally Spring!

I had to hug him many times and tell him that the most important thing is that he is alive, that nothing happened to him, and that things can be replaced. It is difficult for at sixteen year old boy to understand.

But why the HELL do people turn right without being 1,000 percent sure there is no one!!!???!!!

And why the HELL was son not wearing his helmet!!!???!!!

I don't know what I would have done if my little boy had been taken away from me!
Thank You, God!

tirsdag den 6. april 2010


I'm home again after literally having got an overdose of family and great food. It has been so cosy and we have been so social that it is OK to come home again.

I've been a little more quiet than usual here on my blog - a lot has happened: we have moved old (96 years) great-granny to a nursery home, I've already attended a fleah market at her new home and bought a lot of great treasures, but that's another story. I've got a tooth pulled and got a new job! Almost at the same time, that is I got the tooth pulled one day and the next I filled myself with pills and cotton tampons and went to a job interview. It was definately much more fun being together with my new boss than with my dentist! But why a new job AGAIN! I'm literally tired, I always work, they promise a lot, but nothing happens ... mum has to move on. At the new job I already know half of my new colleagues, and they are the sweetest, so I think that THIS time it will be great and THIS time I'll stay there for a long time ... perhaps not for the rest of my life, but for long! Congratulations to me!

Perhaps I even get the energy to to diet after having stuffed all those chocolate eggs into my beak this Easter! ;)

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