søndag den 10. januar 2010

New Year Resolutions for 2010

My resolutions for this year - except from exercising more and loosing at least 10 pounds, DH and I have decided that 2010 should be a "buy nothing year". I know this is not very realistic, but the plan is that we should buy as little as possible and always ask ourselves if we really NEED the thing in question. Our main problem is that none of us can resist a great bargain - although we don't need it. We want to get rid of this habit during 2010.

I added that I thought clearing out some of our things would be great. I'm good at clearing out and tidying up, but DH is not quite as good at getting rid of unused things as I am, so he agreed. Everyting not used within the last ten years has to go. If it is good we sell it on the internet, if not that great, but still good, we give it to charity and a few old and worn things might go to the dumpsite. Or else we might end up drowning in all our collections of things.

I've been following Donna's year in 1955 and am very inspired by her. She has enjoyed her year in 1955 so much and have changed a lot during her year. In her own words she has grown up. Now she has started a fabulous website: The Apron Revolution. Her next goal is to change the world, and I say, why not!? I'm very inspired by her frugal and very rational way of living, so DH's suggestion just hit the spot.

I will write my "oops" here on the blog, for you to enjoy and shake year head with an indulgent smile. I might admit that only a few days after our holy promise I bougth two bottles of nail polish. One them is the same colour as my vintage car, and I've been looking for it for long. The other was a pale colour for French manicure and I needed it. So does any of these count? No, I don't think so. ;)

Follow the progression of our challenge here on the blog.
And please share your challenges.

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