onsdag den 6. januar 2010

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow ...

I love snow! :)

I just had to laugh at the News on TV tonight here in Denmark, DH watches the News almost every night. I sat in the sofa reading with one eye and peeped the News with the other eye. I know - not a good idea. We have got a little load of snow, and now we have established "snow emergency preparedness" and they had even established a Skype connection to a mother and a child who had been inside due to snow a WHOLE day. OMG, what drama!

Almost a year ago I scanned some of dad's old slides, here you see snow in Denmark. I am quite sure it was in 1977. I lived on a small island called Moen, very rural. In one of the small cities a snow drift of SEVEN metres piled up. I remember tanks driving food to the elderly and even a helicopter with doctors. And best of all - we didn't have to go to school. :)

My parents' house seen from the street:

The seven metres high snow drift:

Another high snow drift:

But there has always been more snow when we were kids, right?

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