lørdag den 23. januar 2010

Shaped Discs

Our 2010 challenge does not go very well, but my collection of special vinyl records grows. Just look what I've found on eBay:

Prince's Purple Rain, purple vinyl, so fabulous. I look forward to placing it on my record player.
Tina Turner in harnish - great song, great disc.
Super decorative and a real bargain.
Heartshaped The Bangles.
Son and DH likes her.
This is also in my book about special discs.
A nice little toddler, I'm not sure of the artist.
A more psykodelic disc.
I'm not sure of who he is, but the disc is nice, and it was in one of the two lots I won at eBay.
An american football.
A red heart with movie music.
The last one in the collection, clear with a photo in the middle.

I won two lots on eBay, one with five discs in and one with six discs in, bot at 25 dollars each lot, and they are truly worth it. If they are so scratched they cannot play, I'll just use them for decoration on my record player.

And I've also bought a book, a discounted trilogy for what equals to 20 dollars:
Not that I needed more books, but because I'M GOING ON HOLIDAY!!! :)

DH had decided that we were not going on skiing holiday this year, but some weeks ago he started surfing the internet for bargains and found a lovely hotel in the City of Lofer, Austria. I just LOVE Austria. There is so beautiful and cosy and people are so friendly. And ask me if I need a holiday.

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  1. Hi Sanne,

    I love your new records. I remember the Prince album "Purple Rain" when it first came out. My older sister bought it and we use to sing to all the songs when I was younger. And Bangles was one of my favorite bands during the 80's.

    I've always wanted to go to Austria. The pictures I've seen are so beautiful. My husband went to school in Germany. He was able to visit Austria/Sweden and has some lovely pictures. Maybe one day I'll be able to go. I hope you have a fantastic time on your holiday.

    P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, it's ridiculous how big American serving portions are these days. You are correct, everything in America is bigger including our butts, LOL.

  2. -> Gigi, Thank you. :) Purple Rain is still a great record. Bangles are also great, I was a teenager during the 80's, I don't think you ever forget the music from your youth. Austria is the most lovely country, I highly recommend it, if you ever come to Europe.

  3. Sanne-have fun in Austria for me!
    Two things
    1. the record is NOT an American Baseball it is an American Football (remember we call your football, soccer we always have to be difficult, don't we!)
    2.I am starting an interview a month to feature an Apronite. This month I am doing Jitterbug at Destination 1940 because she has been following a vintage diet/exercise program and has lost 30 some pounds! So, I would like to know if you would like to be interviewed for March. Your love of old cars, etc, your busy scheule that still allows you to be a homemaker at heart. All good stuff. I am going to be making a page and link just for the interviews and APRONITE of the month. Maybe I will get together a prize or someting cute as part of it, what do you think?
    Ski a little for me, or at least sip a hot toddy in the lodge for me!

  4. What a fab collection of unusally shaped, printed and colored records. This would be worth a pretty penny (a lot of money!) to a collector. Most excellent!

  5. -> Flaurella, I hope so, but they are in a pretty bad shape most them, but fun to display on my record player. These are quite unsual in Denmark, and I like being special, you know. :)


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