fredag den 2. oktober 2009

Dear Husband's New Shadow

Here you see my happy hubby:
with the latest addition to the collection of vehicles: a Honda Shadow VT1100. It is from 1988.

DH is not the bikertype, but he has been talking about a Shadow for about 25 years. A colleague had it for sale and gave him a ride on his birthday, he was hooked, but we didn't have the money etc. etc. DH said a very low price and five weeks later his colleague returned to him and said "It's yours!" - then DH started turning around himself. He wants to be rational and we could not afford it and we didn't need it and how much would he use it bla bla bla! Guess who persuaded him!? Yep, me! Contrary what he did when I bought my vintage Opel GT. I know how it feels to fulfill a dream, and we could afford it - he had put so much money in our old house and now I thought he should take some of them out again and spend them on this bargain of a dream. I think we can sell it for much more in a few years - if we have to sell it. And what I want most in my marriage is a happy hubby.

It is very special - airbrush art on all metal parts, it looks like it is made of metal patches:
There's a hole in the tank.

The tank seen from below.

The rear mudguard has the same air brush art.

And on the front mudguard sits a rat:DH says it is the soul of the cycle, just like in the movie "The Golden Compas". Now it is named "The Rat" in daily speech.

Our first longer ride was to visit my parents at the isle of Moen (130 km), and how did it feel? GREAT! :) Except that my butt hurt and my legs had to be stretched out afterwards. :)

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