torsdag den 29. december 2011

Glittering Gifts

At my job we are very lucky, we can send our Christmas wishes to our boss, who then buys our gifts online. She also wrapped them beautifully and placed them under a palm tree, which she hadn't decorated though. We were all very curious for a week.

Can you guess what I wished? Nail polish of course ! :) I have wanted these three Deborah Lippmann colours for very long and now they're mine!
From left it is Across the Universe, Ruby Red Slippers and Glitter in the Air. I cannot wait to try them.

For once my men hadn't asked each other what they gave me and guess what I'm now the lucky owner of? The complete OPIs Muppet glitter collection:

And perhaps you all think it is very long time ago I last showed you my nails, and you wonder if I don't do my nails any longer? Of course I do, but it is difficult to take some decent photos with flash. This time of year it is dark most of the time in Denmark. But here are my Christmas party nails:
I wore a fabulous blue sequined blouse and tried to make my blue nails Christmassy with a star made of rhinestones. Unfortunately, it looks like my top coat has made them matte, ouch. The blue polish is from a local dollar-shop and the glitter polish is OPI "Simmer and Shimmer", SO lovely.

And my Christmas nails was a copy of the Nail Nymphs' Christmas design:My plan was to make a reverse version: green nails with red glitter tips, but the day before I made this design on a friend's nails, since she was wearing a red skirt to a Christmas party, and then DH almost begged me to make mine exactly alike hers. I am sure the sweet Nail Nymphs don't mind being copied.

I also want to show you what I gave DH:A pinup picture of myself and my car. I ordered it at Johanna Ost in August when she had a half price campaign. She came up with the motif, she is indeed very talented and I'm very pleased with it - I'm sure DH is too.

Well, I gotta run, I have to test my glitter polishes. It is really a glittering Christmas this year.

mandag den 26. december 2011

lørdag den 24. december 2011

torsdag den 22. december 2011

My Collection of Glass Ornaments

As mentioned son gave me some fabulous glass ornaments as birthday gifts. I LOVE glass ornaments and since I was a little girl I have dreamed about one day being able to decorate a tree solely with glass ornaments - I can do so now. When I moved together with DH about 30 years ago, I started collecting. I bought a few every year since it is so expensive. My collection has a lot of colours, shapes and it all glitters. I could never have an elegant magazine Christmas tree in all white or silver or blue. It has to have lots of colours, be fun and different.

During the weekend I took twenty (!) photos without tripod, so I am sorry that some of them are not 100% sharp. I didn't have the energy to pull out my tripod, but I think they are all quite OK.

Much of the ornaments are ready to be hung on the tree.

Lovely golden acorns.

I'm married to a VW mechanic, so we have to have
beetles on the tree.

A delicious ice cream with lots of glitter.

Here DH has made a polar theme with the polar bear
son gave me, an Eskimo, and a snow ball.

An albino peacock - I didn't know they existed.

A very nice stag.

Baby Jesus in his crib.

A Trabi, the nickname for the German car Trabant.

My other Marilyn ornament, not that wellmade.

And who's that? Elvis himself.

A cell phone so we can call Santa.

The long pink ornament in the middle is new. I had got
a gift card to a home decoration shop

I don't have Danish flags on my tree, since it is a tradition
from WWII, and I'm not THAT old. But I do have some
nice ornaments in patriotic colours like this onion

And this big ornament with painted flags.

I love vintage glass ornaments and have a small collection
like this funny pearl thing. I thrifted it at my MIL some
years ago and repaired it and she comments it every year.
In the background you can see a nice old green tea pot.

Mickey Mouse in Santa suit, which my SIL
has brought home from
Disney World in Paris.

I also got Minnie at the same birthday.

DH always says that he never has time enough,
therefore I bought this rabbit from Alice in
Wonderland. I can hear him say: "Too late, too late!"

And here is a photo of my lovely tree. The elf, who
comes alive a night and decorates the tree, is called
Holger, after af famous Danish singer great-granny
thought looked like him.

mandag den 19. december 2011

torsdag den 15. december 2011

Christmas DJ: Crooners

It's not a big secret anylonger that I love the crooners from the fifties. Last year I played Christmas DJ to get you all in the right Christmas mood, so today I have gathered a Christmas Crooner collection for you all:

Nat King Coles "The Christmas Song" is my favourite Christmas song, it is simply the best. I just LOVE his voice:

But Mr. Cole has song other Christmas songs and this is perhaps one he shouldn't have recorded. Oh Tannenbaum in GERMAN:

I imagine the Germans laughing out loud.

This is something else. Here we have Nat back as we want him to sound: The Little Christmas Tree:

Frank Sinatra is another of my favourite crooners, here we hear his version of Jingle Bells. I cannot help singing loudly when I'm home alone:

Ol' Blue Eyes has song many Christmas songs, in fact there exist uncountable Christmas albums with his songs. I own a single (or two) of his Christmas albums. This song is really great: Mistletoe and Holly:

Try listen to the text - a.o.: Over-eating, merry greetings from relatives you don't know. He's into something.

Dean Martin is wonderful. Here is my favourite-Dean-Christmas-song: Let It Snow:

And I also love this different Christmas blues song - listen to Mr. Christmas Cool himself:

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. :)

mandag den 12. december 2011

torsdag den 8. december 2011

Great Gifts

About two weeks ago it was my birthday and it was a great day - even the gifts were great. I got everything I wanted although only two of the gifts were on my wish list. My family knows me well since they give such great gifts. If I want to share the gifts with you? Of course I do.

DH gave me a drawer for my nail polish collection:
My brother sent me a text asking "if a drawer was a little overkill for nail polish?", "Not if you have many!" I answered back. Many nail polish addicts in blogland have a Helmer drawer from Ikea, but DH didn't like it, and I don't complain. This one was the last one in the shop so he bargained the price and also bought me an Advent calendar:
I just LOVE Advent calendars and he knows it.

Son gave me this completely overwhelming gift:
The most beautiful glass ornaments bought at a museum for a fortune. A rhinoceros, a polar bear and a bee. I was truly touched. So now a rhinoceros will hang on my Christmas tree.

My parents gave me only reuse gift which they had found at different flea markets, and it was the best gifts ever. A.o. this fabulous pair of shoes:
And they fit perfectly.

My best friend, Jesper and his sweet fiancee, gave me this picture of Marilyn, which I - youwon'tbelieveit - don't think I've ever seen before:
Now I just have to find a nice place to hang it.

mandag den 5. december 2011

torsdag den 1. december 2011

I am a Lipbalm Addict!

Yes, I confess – I am a lipbalm addict! I LOVE lipbalms, lipsticks and lipglosses. I have a lipbalm in every room, in every pocket, in every purse, and in every car. And I keep buying new ones – a lovely scent or a funny tube - there’s always something I simply have to try. Since it is such an inexpensive little gift for myself and since I use them all the time, I think it is OK to buy them.

At Etsy you can buy the most delicious homemade lipbalms. I got a “sweet deal” at this seller: GreenNymph. I bought a.o. Cherry Pie, Vanilla Latte, Crème Brulee, and Caramel Apple. Yummi, they are delicious.

And the other day this Christmas collection hopped into my basked and typed my PayPal password – ooops, how can it happen!?!
Now I even cannot convince myself that I need more lipbalms.

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