torsdag den 8. december 2011

Great Gifts

About two weeks ago it was my birthday and it was a great day - even the gifts were great. I got everything I wanted although only two of the gifts were on my wish list. My family knows me well since they give such great gifts. If I want to share the gifts with you? Of course I do.

DH gave me a drawer for my nail polish collection:
My brother sent me a text asking "if a drawer was a little overkill for nail polish?", "Not if you have many!" I answered back. Many nail polish addicts in blogland have a Helmer drawer from Ikea, but DH didn't like it, and I don't complain. This one was the last one in the shop so he bargained the price and also bought me an Advent calendar:
I just LOVE Advent calendars and he knows it.

Son gave me this completely overwhelming gift:
The most beautiful glass ornaments bought at a museum for a fortune. A rhinoceros, a polar bear and a bee. I was truly touched. So now a rhinoceros will hang on my Christmas tree.

My parents gave me only reuse gift which they had found at different flea markets, and it was the best gifts ever. A.o. this fabulous pair of shoes:
And they fit perfectly.

My best friend, Jesper and his sweet fiancee, gave me this picture of Marilyn, which I - youwon'tbelieveit - don't think I've ever seen before:
Now I just have to find a nice place to hang it.

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