torsdag den 22. december 2011

My Collection of Glass Ornaments

As mentioned son gave me some fabulous glass ornaments as birthday gifts. I LOVE glass ornaments and since I was a little girl I have dreamed about one day being able to decorate a tree solely with glass ornaments - I can do so now. When I moved together with DH about 30 years ago, I started collecting. I bought a few every year since it is so expensive. My collection has a lot of colours, shapes and it all glitters. I could never have an elegant magazine Christmas tree in all white or silver or blue. It has to have lots of colours, be fun and different.

During the weekend I took twenty (!) photos without tripod, so I am sorry that some of them are not 100% sharp. I didn't have the energy to pull out my tripod, but I think they are all quite OK.

Much of the ornaments are ready to be hung on the tree.

Lovely golden acorns.

I'm married to a VW mechanic, so we have to have
beetles on the tree.

A delicious ice cream with lots of glitter.

Here DH has made a polar theme with the polar bear
son gave me, an Eskimo, and a snow ball.

An albino peacock - I didn't know they existed.

A very nice stag.

Baby Jesus in his crib.

A Trabi, the nickname for the German car Trabant.

My other Marilyn ornament, not that wellmade.

And who's that? Elvis himself.

A cell phone so we can call Santa.

The long pink ornament in the middle is new. I had got
a gift card to a home decoration shop

I don't have Danish flags on my tree, since it is a tradition
from WWII, and I'm not THAT old. But I do have some
nice ornaments in patriotic colours like this onion

And this big ornament with painted flags.

I love vintage glass ornaments and have a small collection
like this funny pearl thing. I thrifted it at my MIL some
years ago and repaired it and she comments it every year.
In the background you can see a nice old green tea pot.

Mickey Mouse in Santa suit, which my SIL
has brought home from
Disney World in Paris.

I also got Minnie at the same birthday.

DH always says that he never has time enough,
therefore I bought this rabbit from Alice in
Wonderland. I can hear him say: "Too late, too late!"

And here is a photo of my lovely tree. The elf, who
comes alive a night and decorates the tree, is called
Holger, after af famous Danish singer great-granny
thought looked like him.

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