torsdag den 29. december 2011

Glittering Gifts

At my job we are very lucky, we can send our Christmas wishes to our boss, who then buys our gifts online. She also wrapped them beautifully and placed them under a palm tree, which she hadn't decorated though. We were all very curious for a week.

Can you guess what I wished? Nail polish of course ! :) I have wanted these three Deborah Lippmann colours for very long and now they're mine!
From left it is Across the Universe, Ruby Red Slippers and Glitter in the Air. I cannot wait to try them.

For once my men hadn't asked each other what they gave me and guess what I'm now the lucky owner of? The complete OPIs Muppet glitter collection:

And perhaps you all think it is very long time ago I last showed you my nails, and you wonder if I don't do my nails any longer? Of course I do, but it is difficult to take some decent photos with flash. This time of year it is dark most of the time in Denmark. But here are my Christmas party nails:
I wore a fabulous blue sequined blouse and tried to make my blue nails Christmassy with a star made of rhinestones. Unfortunately, it looks like my top coat has made them matte, ouch. The blue polish is from a local dollar-shop and the glitter polish is OPI "Simmer and Shimmer", SO lovely.

And my Christmas nails was a copy of the Nail Nymphs' Christmas design:My plan was to make a reverse version: green nails with red glitter tips, but the day before I made this design on a friend's nails, since she was wearing a red skirt to a Christmas party, and then DH almost begged me to make mine exactly alike hers. I am sure the sweet Nail Nymphs don't mind being copied.

I also want to show you what I gave DH:A pinup picture of myself and my car. I ordered it at Johanna Ost in August when she had a half price campaign. She came up with the motif, she is indeed very talented and I'm very pleased with it - I'm sure DH is too.

Well, I gotta run, I have to test my glitter polishes. It is really a glittering Christmas this year.

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