mandag den 31. december 2012

Monroe Monday

Happy New Year to you all.

torsdag den 27. december 2012

More Glass Ornaments

Last year I showed you some of my glass ornament collection. And since you are all asking "hasn't she got any new ornaments this year?", I'll show you the latest in my collection. Since I have so many ornaments I try to be really selective, because it is difficult to find room for more. But new items always find their way - almost by itself.

I got two super nice ornaments from my SIL this year for my birthday - a fox-mum with her puppy:

And a very nice penguin with a purple scarf:

My first advent gift from DH was two Volkswagen glass ornaments, which he had ordered from the Volkswagen factory in Germany (he is a Volkswagen mechanic):

They are both so nice and have very authentic details, I love them both.

On our trip to Wismar in Germany I found these two. A very nice and detailed corset:

And a stack of Christmas gifts:
I have never seen anything like them, so I had to buy them both.

I found  this glass cupcake inside a glass dome at Lisbeth Dahl:

I forgot to photograph the swan last year, it is a few years old and comes from Southern Jutland, which we visited in my vintage Opel GT. I fell in loved with it, but didn't dare buying it, since I was sure it would break its neck on the way home. But DH gave it to me, because he was sure it would survive. Fortunately it did:

We bought this snow white real conch covered with glitter at Key West in February on our trip to Florida. I saw lots of lovely glass ornaments over there, but I didn't dare bringing them with me home as I know how they treat my suitcase. This survived the trip and I think it is fun it is not man-made but a real conch:

Tomorrow, my niece, aka the cleaning fairy, comes and helps me packing away all the decorations. She is very effective and it is cosy doing it together. Then Christmas is over for this year, sigh! I love Christmas.

mandag den 24. december 2012

torsdag den 20. december 2012

Countdown to Christmas

I have made an advent calendar for my parents since 1981, and this year was no exeception. I love to receive gifts, but I love giving gifts even more. Here are all the gifts lined up in correct order, ready to be wrapped:

DH and I help each other and it is a quite cosy job. Here is the finished result:
My mum's gift is on the floor. It is a book and it is too heavy to hang on the calendar.

I have given son and DH advent gifts each Advent Sunday since son was ten. Son's gifts always hang from the curtain rod in our living room:

And DH's gifts lie in a basket I got at work:

And this year my niece, who is my cleaning fairy, also gets advent gifts. Here is the first one waiting for her with a card and her cleaning program as a surprise:

And if I am very lucky I also get a few advent gifts. This year DH gave me the first two and then son was supposed to give me the last two, but since he is already broke, I think I have to be satisfied with the first two. ;)

mandag den 17. december 2012

torsdag den 13. december 2012


The last in my little series "The Last" already feels very long ago - our last motorcycle tour. We went to eat lunch at "Malerklemmen", but stopped at "Moellebaekkens Koebmandsgaard" as seen here:

They have a shop too with exhibitions of vintage things, so the feeling is very old-fashioned. Here is the  storekeeper's office:

After having lunch we drove to a lovely shop nearby where I bought tea and coffee sirup. Here is DH's Honda VT1100 Shadow:

Did you notice the jacket? DH gave me a pink mc-jacket in spring and I have decorated it with a large pink rhinestone pin:
And no, I don't want a pink helmet!

We drove on to the Harbour of Roskilde where we had an icecream and walked around and looked at the ships. Here is a very nice Harley Davidson Electra Glide, which ran so low idle that I am impressed it didn't stop.

Thank you, BIL, for tour planning - you always find the most beautiful routes.

mandag den 10. december 2012

torsdag den 6. december 2012

Glow in the Dark Ladybugs

When my sister trew a beauty theme birthday party for her seven year old daughter in late August, I was invited together with my portable nail clinic. I had packed lots of bright colours and glitters too, but guess what they all loved? Glow-in-the-dark green ladybugs:

I think it was the glowing fearture they thought was fun and when they saw my ladybug toe nails they combined it. I painted and draw lines and made dots, and sister did their hair, so it was really a beauty clinic. Her twin brother also wanted ladybug nails, god help me:

After I had painted them they rushed up under the duvet to see them glow in the dark. One girl wanted Danish flags on her nails and one wanted leopard glitter nails. Here is a photo of the clinic:

mandag den 3. december 2012

torsdag den 29. november 2012

Sunday Apples

The 30 September was Day of the Apple at Pometet. My little friend researches in apples and is right now fnishing her PhD, so it was the first year she did not have to work and could go with us. It was a lovely autumn day with bright sunshine:

We bought apple juice and apple cake:

And three different kinds of apple marmelade, very delish:

Here is my little professor friend and "her" tree - an Aroma apple tree:

And here is some of her posters:

We tasted a lot of windfall apples. Here I'm teasing the boys, having told them to taste a very sweet and delish apple - which of course was extremely bitter and sour. We girls laughed out loud:

And I bought a "pillar tree", also called a "ballerina tree". It is a funny broom stick tree without a crown that does not grow very high. I chose a Sun Cat which should taste much like Aroma. Here is my private pack mule aka DH:

It's a lovely day to spend a Sunday in autumn.

mandag den 26. november 2012

Monroe Monday

Congratulations to me! :)

torsdag den 22. november 2012

The PVA Trick

I have to share this trick with you. I have read about it on the internet a while ago and have now tried it myself - the PVA glue trick. I LOVE glitter polishes, but I HATE removing them because it is really a darn job. But here is a solution - you need some PVA glue (used for wood), which you pour into an empty nail polish bottle (we all have such one in stock, don't we!?), so that you can paint the glue onto your nails just like nail polish. The trick is to paint a thick layer onto the nail, because this will make it easier peeling it off again. The glue takes a little longer drying than a thick layer of normal polish, but when the glue has turned from white to clear it is ready to paint glitter polish on to. Here I have three layers and it is three days old: 

There is a chip in my thumb nail, as seen, but perhaps it had been there anyway. I wore it from Sunday to Sunday, so it wears OK and it was quite cosy to peel it off in large flakes. Use a wooden stick so you don't ruin your nails.

The green glitter polish is brand new, it is Piccadilly Arcade fra Nails Inc. The purple glitter polish is OPI's Divine Swine from the Muppet collection last Christmas.

I asked DH if he had some PVA glue in his garage and he did. He shaked his head laughing when he gave me the full botle and said that it is the strangest things I asked him to do.

I have seen that you now can buy "peel-off" basecoat for glitter polishes, but since it is just ordinary PVA glue, save the money and borrow some from your husband. ;)

mandag den 19. november 2012

torsdag den 15. november 2012

ALT for Damerne, November 1952

It's time for another look back in my vintage ALT for Damerne (All for the Ladies) magazines, this time from November 1952. All photos can be clicked into larger readable sizes.

This time I'm not very fond of the cover. Yes, she is pretty, the red suit is nice and the big green drawer is too, but she is way to skinny for my taste and her posture is quite affected.
I also have a dark brown mink muff which DH hates and I love and use at every occassion that calls for elegance. I feel very elegant with my hands inside it.

Let's start with a serious article about who will be America's new "hostess". Back then she was not called "first lady", but a hostess was a serious and respected person in the fifties.

A knitting pattern for an easy shoulderette:
Perhaps I should knit one, I think it is a great thing to have during winter.

And sewing too. Here are patterns for nice dresses in all sizes:
I would love to own the adult model with the chequered details, it is so nice!

And more about fashion, here is a little article about (long and flared):

Frequently, the magazines held competitions where you could win unattainable luxuries. Here you can win "the auto every woman wished for":

Do you recognize it? It is a Renault 4CV aka our little Nolte, whom I have told you about before.

And I have scanned vintage adds, you know I love them. They were so nice and elegant back then, I wish they would make them like this again. Here you can capture the special mood of Paris in a bottle:

And you could be the star in Pond's colour movie - learn the art of being beautiful:

Pan-cake makeup. I think it still exists today but I have never tried it. I think it is heavy and best for use in movies.

We go on to other things women need, because why put off the tramp when you have Cellox pads:

And here is absorbing material for other parts of the body and you can get in all colours and qualities - Butterfly dress shields:

But sometimes you'll see adds for different things, like these nice chairs:

I have previous shown you my ALT for Damerne, July 1952, if you want to revisit.

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