torsdag den 27. december 2012

More Glass Ornaments

Last year I showed you some of my glass ornament collection. And since you are all asking "hasn't she got any new ornaments this year?", I'll show you the latest in my collection. Since I have so many ornaments I try to be really selective, because it is difficult to find room for more. But new items always find their way - almost by itself.

I got two super nice ornaments from my SIL this year for my birthday - a fox-mum with her puppy:

And a very nice penguin with a purple scarf:

My first advent gift from DH was two Volkswagen glass ornaments, which he had ordered from the Volkswagen factory in Germany (he is a Volkswagen mechanic):

They are both so nice and have very authentic details, I love them both.

On our trip to Wismar in Germany I found these two. A very nice and detailed corset:

And a stack of Christmas gifts:
I have never seen anything like them, so I had to buy them both.

I found  this glass cupcake inside a glass dome at Lisbeth Dahl:

I forgot to photograph the swan last year, it is a few years old and comes from Southern Jutland, which we visited in my vintage Opel GT. I fell in loved with it, but didn't dare buying it, since I was sure it would break its neck on the way home. But DH gave it to me, because he was sure it would survive. Fortunately it did:

We bought this snow white real conch covered with glitter at Key West in February on our trip to Florida. I saw lots of lovely glass ornaments over there, but I didn't dare bringing them with me home as I know how they treat my suitcase. This survived the trip and I think it is fun it is not man-made but a real conch:

Tomorrow, my niece, aka the cleaning fairy, comes and helps me packing away all the decorations. She is very effective and it is cosy doing it together. Then Christmas is over for this year, sigh! I love Christmas.

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