torsdag den 30. december 2010

Dark and Empty

Now all the Christmas decorations are packed away. Just as much as I look forward to decorating for Christmas, just as much I look forward to packing it all away after Christmas. But gosh, there's dark and empty, dull and bare. It takes some time to get accustomed to, so I have hung a few snowflakes in the windows, some crystals on sprigs in a vase and found my snowflake candlesticks - it all helps a bit :)

Tognight I will try dresses to see what suits me after I've lost 7 pounds - yep, you cannot wipe the smile off my face! I hope I can fit the long vintage silver dress I bough earlier this year. I imagine myself looking like Jayne Mansfield on New Years Eve:

... or Mamie van Doren:

Instead it will be more like Rudolph with the Red Nose! Since I have caught a cold and am coughing and blowing my nose all day long, ouch!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you - and watch your fingers and eyes! :)

søndag den 26. december 2010

No Half Christmas Gifts

Have you had a Merry Christmas?
I have!
All the guests arrived in spite of meter high snow drifts, I haven't gained any weight (yepiii), and I got this completely overwhelming and absurd expensive gift from dear husband:

A Canon EOS 500D - the camera I had saved half up to. I got a sour remark from my mum that "I was indeed spoiled", but I replied that I might be a good wife. Normally, we don't give such expensive gifts, and DH had at first thought that he would give me half of the money, but then he thought that he could not give a half gift. I don't complain.

Other large gifts was this:
Who was the lucky receiver of this very large and very mysterious gift?

It was for my little niece and contained this very lovely 42 years old doll's pram which has been my own:
Her mother has in fact slept in it when she was new born. DH has washed and polished it and I have sewn new bedlinen for it. She was very happy.

And of course my nails was in the right Christmas spirit:
I had painted them green with the nice green polish from the set I bought at the German ferry. I had placed a red rhinestone heart at my ring finger nail and have painted one layer red glitter polish at the top.

Happy Christmas to you all. :)

tirsdag den 21. december 2010

Christmas DJ: Elvis

Well, I'd better play some Christmas music before it's too late. And since I'm both an old Elvis fan and help son with his English presentation about Elvis - yes, he thought he was very bright, since mum is good at both English and Elvis , but I have let him work all by himself and only guided him - so I think it is obvious to play some Elvis Christmas music

Blue Christmas is one of his very known Christmas songs:

He has also made his own special Elvis-edidtion of White Christmas:

This is probably the most known - Santa Claus is Back in Town:

It has that very special Elvis sound, and I love this video where an old 78 record is played.

And the last one which I suppose is his most unknown - Santa Lucia ... song in Italian:

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas. :)

søndag den 12. december 2010

Christmas News

Hasn't she got any new Christmas things this year? I hear you ask, after I showed you how I decorate for Christmas last year.

Well I have a LOT of Christmas things, in fact so much that I cannot even convince myself I need more, but a few things have found place in my collection. I'm so lucky to get homemade birthday gifts from my SIL, and she is almost as Christmas crazy as I am:

Here is a really nice Christmas blanket, she has made of a red blanket on which she has quilted a Christmas motif on and she has sewn the edges with green yarn that looks like fir. I enjoy cuddling up in the sofa with it each evening. Some years ago I got Christmas pillows from her - they haven't been unpacked yet in this photo.

And two nice pink Christmas pillows for my bedroom:

Different Christmas style, but very nice.

And I've invested in this beautiful red poinsettia pin at Danish Red Cross:
Perfect for me - with lots of red rhinestones.

Last weekend DH and I went to Lübeck in Germany and at the ferry I fell in love with this Christmas nail polish set - it only cost 13 dollars:

It is a collection of fabulous colours: a dark red and a dark green with lots of glitter, a gold glitter and one called "snowflakes", that is a milked polish with lots of snowy glitter. And a sheet with small nailstickers was also included, so you can decorate your nails for the Christmas and Winter season. You can see how it looks here.

Well, I have to run - I'm going to paint my nails. :)

onsdag den 8. december 2010

Christmas DJ: Jingle Bells

I am Christmas crazy! It is no surprise for those of you who know me. I simply LOVE Christmas! Last year I played Christmas-DJ and recommended Christmas movies to get you all in the right Christmas spirit. I will do so again this year, and what is better than some jingle bells to do so!?

Here is good ole blue-eye, Frankie-boy himself:
I have a soft spot for Mr. Sinatra and think this version is great.

Here is a little more rocked version:
Jingle Bell Rock by Bobby Helms. You cannot live without it in December.

Here it is in a classic version:
The Puppini Sisters is in fact a modern group reminding much of The Andrew Sisters.

And here it is in the good old version:
With Bing Crosby and the Andrew Sisters. And since you ask - yep, I've got the LP that is shown at the beginning of the video.

Merry Christmas to all of you. :)

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