søndag den 26. december 2010

No Half Christmas Gifts

Have you had a Merry Christmas?
I have!
All the guests arrived in spite of meter high snow drifts, I haven't gained any weight (yepiii), and I got this completely overwhelming and absurd expensive gift from dear husband:

A Canon EOS 500D - the camera I had saved half up to. I got a sour remark from my mum that "I was indeed spoiled", but I replied that I might be a good wife. Normally, we don't give such expensive gifts, and DH had at first thought that he would give me half of the money, but then he thought that he could not give a half gift. I don't complain.

Other large gifts was this:
Who was the lucky receiver of this very large and very mysterious gift?

It was for my little niece and contained this very lovely 42 years old doll's pram which has been my own:
Her mother has in fact slept in it when she was new born. DH has washed and polished it and I have sewn new bedlinen for it. She was very happy.

And of course my nails was in the right Christmas spirit:
I had painted them green with the nice green polish from the set I bought at the German ferry. I had placed a red rhinestone heart at my ring finger nail and have painted one layer red glitter polish at the top.

Happy Christmas to you all. :)

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