søndag den 12. december 2010

Christmas News

Hasn't she got any new Christmas things this year? I hear you ask, after I showed you how I decorate for Christmas last year.

Well I have a LOT of Christmas things, in fact so much that I cannot even convince myself I need more, but a few things have found place in my collection. I'm so lucky to get homemade birthday gifts from my SIL, and she is almost as Christmas crazy as I am:

Here is a really nice Christmas blanket, she has made of a red blanket on which she has quilted a Christmas motif on and she has sewn the edges with green yarn that looks like fir. I enjoy cuddling up in the sofa with it each evening. Some years ago I got Christmas pillows from her - they haven't been unpacked yet in this photo.

And two nice pink Christmas pillows for my bedroom:

Different Christmas style, but very nice.

And I've invested in this beautiful red poinsettia pin at Danish Red Cross:
Perfect for me - with lots of red rhinestones.

Last weekend DH and I went to Lübeck in Germany and at the ferry I fell in love with this Christmas nail polish set - it only cost 13 dollars:

It is a collection of fabulous colours: a dark red and a dark green with lots of glitter, a gold glitter and one called "snowflakes", that is a milked polish with lots of snowy glitter. And a sheet with small nailstickers was also included, so you can decorate your nails for the Christmas and Winter season. You can see how it looks here.

Well, I have to run - I'm going to paint my nails. :)

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