tirsdag den 8. december 2009

Christmas Crazy

I admit it - I'm Christmas crazy! I look forward to celebrating Christmas from July, and since I'm also a self-declared maximalist (minimalism is for pussies), you can guess there's a LOT of Christmas decorations at my home - even in the bathroom:

Our front door is decorated like they do in Austria, there everybody has a fir festoon with nice decorations hanging over their door:

At our banisters I've hung nice, vintage cornets:

And of course we sleep in Christmas bedlinen:

I love the Danish paper gnomes, although I suppose they're completely out of fashion today. And I like when they tell a story like this:

Our hall is dusty purple so I have filled a square vase with glass bulbs in different shades of purple:

Every December I make and advent calendar for both son and DH - and I hope to get one too, but I'm not always that lucky. Here is son's gifts hanging from the curtain rail:

My mother makes the first Christmas decoration for me for my birthday, because it has always been a tradition that the first Christmas decorations should start at my birthday. Besides that we also have an advent candle to count the days to Christmas eve:

And an advent wreath, which looks different each year:

Christmas pillows in the sofas:

And an old LP with Bing Crosby, which cannot play due to too many scratches, but it looks nice on my record player:

I love these crib figurines - we have to remember that Jesus is the reason for season:

The best thing is the Christmas tree! This is a tiny, beautiful one from my grandma, which my mum has given me. It is made of a kind of paper, has real small candles and mini glass bulbs - adorable:

In the middle of December we buy a real fir which I decorate with my huge collection of glass bulbs. I have collected for almost 30 years, it is quite expensive, so I buy a few pieces each year:

The elf that decorates the tree is from DH's grandma, he's named Holger, after a famous Danish singer, grandma thought he looked like him:

Some of my glass bulb collection, ready to be put on the tree:

Son and I are masters in modelling marzipan figurines, and we always have some "healthy" alternatives like carrots and peas. In the middle you'll see Santa hats:

And here are cocoa mice and small blue Volkswagens:

Let's end in the garage - old mechanic superstition says you should put a fir sprig in the vise during Christmas:

We have extended the tradition to also put a fir sprig under Tiny Honks wiper:

If I have any Christmas jewellery? I'm glad you asked! :) Of course - and quite a lot. Here are some of my favourites:

Wishing you all a MERRY CRHRISTMAS! *<:o)~ (smiley with Santa hat and beard)

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