onsdag den 16. december 2009

Christmas DJ: Modern Christmas Music

I promised to be Christmas DJ these days and started playing some nostalgic Christmas music, which is my absolute favourite, but now I'll try some more modern. It is hard to choose, in fact I don't think there are much great modern Christmas music. Last Christmas by Wham is played just as much as White Christmas by Bing Crosby, so much that we don't have the nerve to hear it anymore, so I'll skip those.

I've always loved Shakin' Stevens - nice guy (he still is) and he plays some nice retro music and in addition this video is great:

Britney Spears' modern Christmas song is not bad:

Mariah Carey has a great voice which she proves in this lovely song:

I know, I know - Slade is not exactly modern anymore, but I love this song:

No Christmas without Jingle Bell Rock:

Cliff Richard is a great singer, so he also has to join my list:

Bruce Springsteen was my hero 15-20 years ago - great Christmas song:

I want to end the list in a modern rock way - Bon Jovi in the right Christmas spirit:

Next DJ-ist will be Danish Christmas music and then I'll recommend some Christmas movies. I don't give up, I want every Grinch to find the true Christmas spirit.

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