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Christmas DJ: Nostalgic Christmas Music

I am Christmas crazy. Why? I think it is the feeling, the cosyness, being together with good friends and family, the nice food, homemade candy, the decorations, the colours and the glitter - and don't forget ... the music. I cannot live without music, I love most kinds of music, except modern jazz, hiphop, house and rap. I love rock and fifties rock'n'roll. The last years I started to enjoy swing from the forties much:Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bing Cross, Ella Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee, Doris day - so if I can combine these great artists with Chritsmas music, I'm in heaven. I've planned to be Christmas DJ for the coming week and will start with nostalgic music. The videos are not chosen because of the video, but because of the music. So if you don't like the video, close your eyes and listen to the music. Here we go:

My all time favourite Christmas song - I melt when I hear Mr. Cole's voice:

Frank Sinatra is fantastic:

Wonderful song - wonderful voice, I love Dean Martin:

Bing Crosby's voice is great, but I will not play White Christmas since it has been played so many times none of us have the nerve to hear it anymore. This is rather unknown, but very nice:

The best version of "Sleigh Ride" ever - a movie plays in my head when I hear it:

There are not many Christmas songs with Mrs. Fitzgerald, but this quite unknow song is really nice:

No one sings Santa Baby like Eartha Kitt, even Madonna's version fades:

And when praising the originals - Brenda Lee's version is the best:

No Christmas without Elvis - that leather suit, deep sigh!:

Now I hope it has started to look like Christmas for you after having heard my list and Perry Como:

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