søndag den 20. december 2009

Christmas DJ: Danish Christmas Music

The best Danish Christmas song - I think McEinar's "Jul det Cool" is great:

"Rap Jul" by Shubidua is an old favourite too - it is about Christmas seen from a duck's view:

"Og Den Himmelblå" also by Shubidua is also great:

Now I've played Shubidau I also have to play another great Danish band, Gasolin:

Now we need some tempo:

Son and I have loved the TV advent calendar elf, Pyrus, for years. Pyrus thinks that Christmas must never be boring or dull, so he wishes us a "Cool Christmas":

And at last a Danish classic - "Paa loftet sidder nissen" (at the loft the elf lives). Now all of us are hopping around the Christmas tree:

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas!

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