onsdag den 31. oktober 2012

Happy Halloween

Wishing you all a Happy Halloween. This is a pumpkin I bought from a colleague who's brother is very a very talented carver:

And here are my Halloween nails:

Stamped with various Konad  and BundleMonster plates. The orange colour is an old one from Gosh and the green one is Essie Navigate Her with  OPI's glow-in-the-dark green on the top.

We are going to have guests for scary dinner in an hour. :)

mandag den 29. oktober 2012

torsdag den 25. oktober 2012

Autumn Nails

I love green nails so when I'm in an autumn mood, it has to be green. Here I have used two duo-chrome polishes from  the Models Owns Beetle Juice collection from last year - the green one is named Golden Green  and the dots are made with Pinky Brown:
It was easy to make and I think is nice. I love the beetle green colour.

Here is another autumn green look:

It is a magnetical polish from Nails Inc named Spital Fields, and the magnet that comes with the polish makes fishnet pattern. Really nice and very easy, but the effect is better on nails that are more flat than mine. I love the green colour too. The french line is also made with Models Own Pinky Brown from the Beetle Juice collection.

mandag den 22. oktober 2012

torsdag den 18. oktober 2012

THE LAST Flea Market

Have you noticed? It is really autumn. I always think it is a bit sad, although I think autumn is beautiful, and I love moving inside in front of the fire place, light the candles, and drink spiced tea. So I have planned a series of "the last" and start with the last flea market. We have only visited 3 ot 4 this season, and it was the last one that hit jackpot. Here are my treasures:

From top left:
* a brand new zebra stribed cardigan, 4 dollars
* a pink silk-like scarf, elegant retro style, 1 dollar - soft and warm
* a little glass étagère for candy, 4 dollars, very elegant on my coffee table
In the front from left:
* a little game, "Who said it?", great for travelling, 1 dollar
* a funny leather purse that looks like a hand granate, 1 dollar, it is always very expensive in Germany
* four travel size schnapps-glasses in a leather case for my parents' advent calendar, 1 dollar
* three LP's in perfect condition, History of Rock, Rock'n'Roll hits and Sinatra Swings, 2 dollars each
* four tiny wooden cars for my home-made monopoly board game, 2 dollars for all four

So I had shopped for about 20 dollars in total, plus two LP's for my brother, also 2 dollars each.
I really love shopping! :)

mandag den 15. oktober 2012

torsdag den 11. oktober 2012

Brilliant Ring!

Talking about jools ... I've bought a brilliant ring:

It is a quite sturdy silver ring where you can change the ball. Here I have a ball that matches my garden party nails. The man in the shop and DH really loved this combination.

It is a woman on the Isle of Nyord (a lovely little preserved island near Ulfshale at the Isle of Moen) who makes the glass balls herself. Both the ring and a lot of balls can be bought from her webshop: Runas.dk. The ring costs about 50 dollars including one ball of your own choice. I got one ball for free when buying six balls. A few days later I figured I missed two more colours so me and my SIL went to Nyord, because she was curious too. Now I can look forward to four more balls for my ring for my birthday. :)

The photo is from Runa's website, but I suppose it is OK, since I advertise for her.

mandag den 8. oktober 2012

torsdag den 4. oktober 2012

The Taylor-Burton Diamond is Now Mine!

Or mayby not exactly, but almost, because DH gave me this incredibly beautiful (indirect) copy on our vacation to Harzen:

It was in a window and I simply had to go over and admire it each time we passed by. A few days later DH gave it to me and it was a big surprise since he rarely gives me jools. It is very beautiful and I thought it looked very much like Mrs. Taylor's necklace. It is photographed on a photo of the real one, from the book about Liz' fabulous jool collection.

The Taylor-Burton diamond was the largest privately owned diamond and Mr. Burton had to pay 1.1 million dollars for it. He was outbid by Cartier from whom he later bought it. At first it was put into a ring, but it was too big even for Liz, so later it was made into a necklace. You can read about the diamond here.

The good thing about my necklace is that I don't have to be surrounded by two bodyguards with machine guns to wear it in public! Here is Liz with her necklace:

mandag den 1. oktober 2012

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