torsdag den 25. oktober 2012

Autumn Nails

I love green nails so when I'm in an autumn mood, it has to be green. Here I have used two duo-chrome polishes from  the Models Owns Beetle Juice collection from last year - the green one is named Golden Green  and the dots are made with Pinky Brown:
It was easy to make and I think is nice. I love the beetle green colour.

Here is another autumn green look:

It is a magnetical polish from Nails Inc named Spital Fields, and the magnet that comes with the polish makes fishnet pattern. Really nice and very easy, but the effect is better on nails that are more flat than mine. I love the green colour too. The french line is also made with Models Own Pinky Brown from the Beetle Juice collection.

2 kommentarer:

  1. So pretty, Sanne! Your nails are always so beautiful!
    Do you have any tips and tricks for strengthening and growing your nails? I had Acrylics and Gels for YEARS and just got rid of them within the last couple of months so I'm trying to strengthen up my own nails. It seems every time they get to even a slightly decent length, they break, even if I file them and regularly polish them. Any tips!?

    Stay Glamorous, Dear Sanne!
    xxx Lottie Lee

  2. Thank you, Lottie Lee. I don't use strengtheners and the like, because I think they ruin the nails. I use many layers of nail polish, always min. four layers and often up to eigth layers (you can use several layers of clear topcoat). And I often use cuticle oil, you can buy these smart "pencils" to have in your purse. I think that's it, and lots of hand cream of course. Have a lovely weekend, dear. :)


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