torsdag den 4. oktober 2012

The Taylor-Burton Diamond is Now Mine!

Or mayby not exactly, but almost, because DH gave me this incredibly beautiful (indirect) copy on our vacation to Harzen:

It was in a window and I simply had to go over and admire it each time we passed by. A few days later DH gave it to me and it was a big surprise since he rarely gives me jools. It is very beautiful and I thought it looked very much like Mrs. Taylor's necklace. It is photographed on a photo of the real one, from the book about Liz' fabulous jool collection.

The Taylor-Burton diamond was the largest privately owned diamond and Mr. Burton had to pay 1.1 million dollars for it. He was outbid by Cartier from whom he later bought it. At first it was put into a ring, but it was too big even for Liz, so later it was made into a necklace. You can read about the diamond here.

The good thing about my necklace is that I don't have to be surrounded by two bodyguards with machine guns to wear it in public! Here is Liz with her necklace:

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