mandag den 29. oktober 2012

Monroe Monday

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  1. Another beautiful Monroe Monday!

    Today I've been painting my nails- so far I've put 4 coats of color on and I'm about to do 2 coats of topcoat (as you suggested!).

    I have a cuticle softener from OPI which I also put on last night and I usually use Bath & Body Works Cashmere Hand Moisturizer on my hands. If you have any better suggestions though for cuticle softener and moisturizer I'd appreciate it! I'll let you know how my nails go with 6 coats! :) Thanks so much!


  2. Thank you, Lottie Lee. She's spontaniously beautiful - she's always beautiful.

    I suppose most cuticle oils are good, so use what you have (considering your economy). I have a pen from Sally Hansen, the pens are practical and easy to use and you can have it in your bag. My favourite hand cream is from Germany/Austria, called Kamill, very inexpensive and fat. I think the best handcreams are fat, so they really help your dry skin and nails. I often use Nivea at night during Winter.

    Looking forward to read about nail on your blog. :)


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