torsdag den 18. oktober 2012

THE LAST Flea Market

Have you noticed? It is really autumn. I always think it is a bit sad, although I think autumn is beautiful, and I love moving inside in front of the fire place, light the candles, and drink spiced tea. So I have planned a series of "the last" and start with the last flea market. We have only visited 3 ot 4 this season, and it was the last one that hit jackpot. Here are my treasures:

From top left:
* a brand new zebra stribed cardigan, 4 dollars
* a pink silk-like scarf, elegant retro style, 1 dollar - soft and warm
* a little glass étagère for candy, 4 dollars, very elegant on my coffee table
In the front from left:
* a little game, "Who said it?", great for travelling, 1 dollar
* a funny leather purse that looks like a hand granate, 1 dollar, it is always very expensive in Germany
* four travel size schnapps-glasses in a leather case for my parents' advent calendar, 1 dollar
* three LP's in perfect condition, History of Rock, Rock'n'Roll hits and Sinatra Swings, 2 dollars each
* four tiny wooden cars for my home-made monopoly board game, 2 dollars for all four

So I had shopped for about 20 dollars in total, plus two LP's for my brother, also 2 dollars each.
I really love shopping! :)

4 kommentarer:

  1. Hello Sanne!
    Market season is ending up here too :( It really is oh so sad! Where has the year gone!? I LOVE your flea market haul though- ESPECIALLY the Pink Scarf and the Candy Glass- that thing is ADORABLE!

    Stay Glamorous!
    xxxLottie Lee

  2. I also wonder how fast a year goes by. I wear the scarf every day with my vintage rose coloured forties style coat, look nice and feels very nice. Have a great day, dear. :)

  3. What charming finds - all such lovely notes to end the season off on. We don't have to many flea markets around these parts, yard sales are a lot more common, but I so wish we did, as they're often better places than yard sales to find vintage items at. Thanks for sharing the link to this post with me, hon, and for your comment on my yard sale finds post.

    Have a terrific Sunday,
    ♥ Jessica

  4. Thank you, Jessica. I also always think it is wistful when the season ends.


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