tirsdag den 31. august 2010


I've bought a magazine! It's not something I do very often, I just read free magazines from e.g. our local perfumery store, but look at this cover:The Fifties are Back - I simply HAD to buy it.
For incredibly long I've been sick and tired of luxury-boheme and -hippie, harem pants, clumsy plateau shoes, sloppy tunics and smokey eyes. Sorry, if this is your style - it's not mine. Tastes differs. But I've dreamed about well-tailored and becoming clothes, in which I look like a woman, nice stiletto-heeled shoes, beautiful dresses, circle or pencil skirts and small nice blouses - and red lipstick.
And ... NOW IT'S FINALLY HERE! Yeeeepiii!

tirsdag den 24. august 2010

A Tribute to DH

Today is our anniversary - 19 years, but we've been together for 30 (!!!) years. Where did all those years go!?!

Here we're kissing - we still do.

It took DH 11 years convincing me to get married, so he was a happy man when I entered the church. We're going out to dinner and we will watch The Expandables. I love action movies and this features all the heroes from our youth.

So a warm thank you to DH for holding on for so long - I know I'm not easy, but in return I'm never dull. :) I'm ready for the next 30 years.

lørdag den 21. august 2010

Summer Jewellery

I love costume jewellery and have previously shown you some of my collection. I have jewellery suitable for each season and holiday, which I think is fun and I often get a compliment on. I have previously shown you my Valentines and Winter jewellery, so now you ask if I don’t have any Summer jewellery? Of course! :) But Summer jewellery is a little difficult as it mostly is with beach themes or flowers and butterflies. Let me show you my favourite Summer bracelet:
I have collected a complete set with pin, earrings, toe ring and anklet, I only miss a necklace.

More favourite Summery jewellery:

And I also collect confetti Lucite from the fifties. It is Lucite with embedded glitter or tiny conches or shells, so it is very summery. Here are some examples:

Confetti Lucite is a great collectible since it is made in many different colours and normally isn’t expensive, check eBay, search for “confetti Lucite”.

tirsdag den 17. august 2010

Annual Opel GT Club Meeting 2010

This weekend we attended the annual Opel GT club Meeting, it was nice and cosy as always although the rain kept pouring down all Saturday. Here we are at our parking space:

Here is our large tent with hotdog stand and brewer's dray:

Here is Tiny Honk as the first in the line (from the left):

Nice butt(s), nice weekend:

Opel GT pillow - oh yes, we don't lack distinction:

Saturday afternoon we drove our usual motorcade, a nice long line of small cool GT's:

We drove to a café in the forest and we had to pack all our cars at the parking space:

The New Opel GT, one of the judges arrived in it. It is a big, modern monstrosity in my opinion:

We exhibited our small cars at Ringsted Outlet Center, and at the market square was a socalled "Family MC Day", where a lot, about 150 motorcycles, came and parked, so you could walk around and look and talk to the owners:

Here is a different Triumph:

We also saw some tank art, this cycle was really consistent with skulls at both tank, frame, guards and saddle bags:

Is it Merlin?

At the rear guard was written "Harley Cycles Rocks - Other Bikes Sucks" - that will always be a matter of opinion:

Well, I had my vintage dresses dry cleaned and they became almost like new, so I dressed myself up in the flowered one, and since several have asked for photos of me wearing it, I reluctantly post a photo here:

I hate seeing photos of myself, I think that's why I've chosen the role of the photographer. In my head I'm both younger and more beautiful, but that's a female thing, I suppose, deep sigh.
PS: Remember the photos can be clicked larger.

torsdag den 12. august 2010

Vintage Dress Joy

I love vintage, everything old, especially from the fifties. So when a friend of mine sent me a tip about these dresses at auction at lauritz.com, I literally bid in the last minute. They were estimated to 238 dollars, and I won them for only 75 dollars, a great bargain. But Lauritz charged me 44 dollars to drop them into a box and mail them to me - I suppose I've paid their salary for that day. :(
The flowered dress is just me.
Homely mannequin, beautiful dress - it will look better on me if I lost 6 pounds though.
Also very elegant, but a little too big - I think I'll sew some straps on to it.
A little set of accessories also came with the lot: elegant, long gloves, a nice silver-pearl purse and a silver clutch bag that matches the silver dress perfectly.
All the dresses was very spotted and quite dirty, so having consulted my mother we agreed on trying the dry cleaner first. Thereafter, I could try washing them in my bath tub. My sweet dry cleaner man warned me about a lot of possible accidents, so with great excitement I went to pick up the dresses yesterday. Everything was perfect - now they are all like new, yepiii! :)
I am crazy in love with the flowered and I've planned to wear it at the annual Opel GT club meeting next Saturday. But what shoes to wear with such a lovely fifties dress? My most beautiful, clear, lucite slippers from the fifties, of course:
They have the most fabulous rhinestone heels:

And I've just bought a fantastic nail polish at NegleNymferne - I think this one will dress my nails.
... well, I'd better go polish Tiny Honk. :)

tirsdag den 10. august 2010

Summer Slippers

Hard to live without! :)

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