lørdag den 21. august 2010

Summer Jewellery

I love costume jewellery and have previously shown you some of my collection. I have jewellery suitable for each season and holiday, which I think is fun and I often get a compliment on. I have previously shown you my Valentines and Winter jewellery, so now you ask if I don’t have any Summer jewellery? Of course! :) But Summer jewellery is a little difficult as it mostly is with beach themes or flowers and butterflies. Let me show you my favourite Summer bracelet:
I have collected a complete set with pin, earrings, toe ring and anklet, I only miss a necklace.

More favourite Summery jewellery:

And I also collect confetti Lucite from the fifties. It is Lucite with embedded glitter or tiny conches or shells, so it is very summery. Here are some examples:

Confetti Lucite is a great collectible since it is made in many different colours and normally isn’t expensive, check eBay, search for “confetti Lucite”.

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