søndag den 24. oktober 2010

I Survived!

First - THANK you for all your nice greetings and comments. It made me so happy to receive them.

I survived! It is still me who is writing at the other end. Sanne with the vintage sportscar and lots of shoes. But it has been tough. The first ten days have been ten days in hell. My fear that I would not tolerate the anaesthesia was true. I spend 24 hours trying to wake up, the next four days I vomitted (not good when your belly is cut open), thereafter I could not eat, and then I got constipation. Sigh!

But now I'm OK again. I sleep at night, eat normal food and pad around and tidy up after my men.

To top it all, my father in law died very suddenly the same morning as I was operated, so it has been a hectic week. DH missed me a lot and looked forward to having me home again, especially in our bed which seemed very big and empty. And when I came home, I vomitted all night and he ran down the stairs with the bowl. But he insisted that he was glad to have me home.

I have lived in a botanical garden with all the flowers I have received, my inbox and my cell phone has been flooded with sweet messages - so THANK you all for your nice comments. :)

mandag den 11. oktober 2010

Operation …

Well, I’m going through surgery Wednesday. I have to have something removed that is ill, something I don’t need in my age, and something I definitely will not miss. So for the next two weeks or so there’s going to be a little quiet here on my blog, but thereafter I think I’m online again, because then I’m reported sick and I suppose I’ve started feeling a little bored. Now this is not a sickness blog, like it is neither a car blog nor a knitting blog, but I want to admit that I’m afraid. Afraid of the anaesthesia since I respond heavily on medicine. So I hope you all will cross your fingers and wish me lots of luck on Wednesday morning.

torsdag den 7. oktober 2010


I haven't spend money for long. Since our New Year resolution I’ve almost got out of the habit and thought my shopping gene had withered. It hadn't, which was disproved when I received a news mail from lookfantastic.com. This super elegant, red Elizabeth Arden croco beauty box with lots of useful products and lovely colours was simply irresistible:
And 40 GBP is only about 62 USD, and it was reduced with 100 dollars.

The week after another news mail from lookfantastic.com landed in my inbox and they were so mean to reduce this fabulous pink EA box with 255 GBP to only TWENTY GPB (about 31 dollars). I couldn’t resist:
The plan is that all the products move into the elegant red croco box and stays there permanently. I look so much forward to receiving it.

Well, the other I sat and surfed for fun. I have previously bought three nail art pens from NegleNymferne, but missed three other colours and unfortunately they don’t have a shop anymore. I tried searching the brand, but didn’t find anything. Then I went to eBay and searched a little wider, and bingo – I found this great set with 48 (!!!) different colours, which I won for only 95 cents:
I think I can make almost all kinds of nail art now with all these colours!

For fun (never do that!) I searched for rhinestones and found these three lovely wheels for less than 5 dollars:
So if everything else fails, I’ll open a nail art salon. :)

lørdag den 2. oktober 2010

Completely Unpedagogical!

I've done something completely unpedagogical - I've bribed son to don't let his ears get pierced. I think the young guys look so stupid with both ears pierced and big glass-"diamond"-earrings like gangsta rapper or Beckham: He wanted a pair of shoes for 73 dollars, so I've bribed him and made a deal that he's not going to have any holes in his head. I fear he will come home pierced one day, but he sounded very serious and even wanted to shake hands on our deal. But don't tell DH, because he will definately disagree with my unpedagogical methods. ;)

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